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10 Best TV Characters Who Have Bird Names

Sometimes a name is just a name given to someone by their parents and chosen for reasons that feel arbitrary for outsiders. Sometimes, however, a name can have a much deeper and necessary meaning. Some TV characters have both a given name and a chosen name, and the chosen name serves a special purpose.

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It’s unusual for people to be named after birds and when they are, there’s often some real meaning behind it. Some avian names relate to characters’ personalities or secret aliases, whereas others are coincidental and have little meaning. Regardless of whether they’re bird-themed or bird-named, unusual names help characters stand out from the crowd.

10 Birdperson Is Giving & Kind

Birdperson, or Phoenixperson, is Rick Sanchez’s best friend in Rick & Morty. He is a tall humanoid, a Bird Person from Bird World. Birdperson has a humanoid body with many avian features. He’s only shown up in a few episodes but Birdperson remains a fan favorite.

Rick’s hard to get along with and the fact that Birdperson has managed to maintain a genuine affection for him after so many years reflects well on the alien. He’s also brave and smart, willing to go against his mild nature and rebel against the Federation.

9 Falcon Is A Great Hero

Sam Wilson uses a military-grade winged jet pack, turning him into the Falcon. Falcons are the fastest birds on the planet, so the name is fitting. He was an officer in the US Air Force, which is where he met Captain America.

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Sam played a major role in many of the MCU’s fights, like at the battle of Wakanda and the crucial struggle against Hydra. He proves himself to be such a strong and dedicated hero, that Cap himself chooses Sam to carry his mantel. Steve is known for his wisdom, and wouldn’t pick Sam as the new Captain America without good reason.

8th Robin Seek’s Independence

Robin’s character in How I Met Your Mother is deeply unsure of herself at the show’s beginning. Sheharbour’s commitment issues and a strong desire to be entirely independent. Robin struggles along the way, developing feelings for Ted and Barney despite not wanting marriage or kids.

Robin finally breathes life into her dreams by becoming a single traveling journalist. She also sets firm boundaries with the people around her, which reflects her incredible emotional growth. Robins are signs of rebirth and renewal, and Robin ends How I Met Your Mother as a new and mature version of herself.

7 Niles Is A Sensitive Doctor

Niles Crane is Frasier‘s titular character’s brother and a respected psychiatrist. His relationship with his brother is complicated, as they are close but remain in constant competition with one another. Niles may be a snob with rich tastes, but he is also an intelligent, romantic man.

When Niles meets Daphne in the show’s first episode, it’s obvious he’s falling in love with her. Things that start out as transparent manipulations, like his habit of affirming or supposed psychic visions, turn into reflections of genuine care and consideration for her feelings over time. Niles grows throughout Frasierlearning true empathy in his romantic relationship, and even marries Daphne three times so everyone they love can witness their union.

6 Hawkeye Endure’s True Loss

Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, uses his exemplary marksmanship skills in battle. He’s calm in battle, even in the battle of New York, which reflects his confidence in his skills. It also proves his bravery, as Clint doesn’t even blink at the horrendous torrent of monsters pouring out of a hole in the sky.

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Despite his lack of superpowers, Clint is a superhero because of his dedication to helping others and saving lives. Even though he’s a fragile human, in Age of Ultron, he risks his life to save a child. Clint also takes Wanda under his wing and encourages her to do what is best for her. In his relationship with the much younger Kate Bishop he’s a reluctant mentor but he’s able to embrace her heroism while not abandoning his family.

5 Raven Is Mature And Mysterious

Ravens are a symbol of wisdom, and Raven in Teen Titans is the group’s most mature member. Her sarcasm and wit make her likable and her need for solitude makes her a favorite for many introverted DC fans.

Raven may be an introvert, but she still cares about her friends. She repeatedly puts herself in harm’s way to save others, reflecting on her caring nature. Raven has trained tirelessly to control her emotions, which pays off and lets her overcome her demonic origins. While she seems cold at times, she cares about her friends, and learns to listen to them and take them seriously over time.

4 Ron Swanson Is A Secret Sweetie

Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec has a harsh exterior. He’s created his own paradox and as the head of Pawnee’s Parks & Recreation department. he’s both opposed to anything related to government but forced to support his friends and employees. He presents himself as a stoic and stern man, devoid of passion, or care for others.

However, to his closest friends, Ron Swanson is a capable and compassionate man. He even hand-crafts Ben and Leslie’s wedding rings, symbolizing his care for them. Ron helps Leslie with personal trouble by providing her with waffles, support and understanding. These minor acts prove Ron’s softness, especially for his friend Leslie.

3 The Boy Wonder Is A Brave Friend

Robin’s usually thought of as Batman’s sidekick but he’s so much more. Though several characters have inhabited this role, the various Robins include the world’s greatest aerialist and one of the world’s deadliest assassins. He’s grown from a mere boy to a leader in teams like the Teen Titans and Young Justice.

One of the best things about Robin is his loyalty. He keeps billionaire vigilante Batman grounded in reality and inspires him to continue his fight against villains. Even though Batman’s extremely hard to work with, he’s supported his father figure through difficult times in this almost family relationship. Of course, the Boy Wonder is his own person too, and has grown into more adult roles like Nightwing and Red Hood as well.

2 Game Of Thrones’ Bran Is Incredibly Forgiving

Bran Stark has an unbelievable journey throughout Game of Thrones. After losing the use of his legs, he still trudges North, learning about and embracing his role as the Three-Eyed Raven. This personal, error-filled journey helps him learn to forgive misdeeds. Bran’s not just a vessel for mystical power. He’s able to forgive Jaime Lannister for hurling him out of a tower.

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Bran is a crucial figure in GoT, the only main character who is able to connect with animal minds and effectively time travel through others’ memories. His hard work means that he remembers everything, every forgotten story in his family’s history. This gives him a sense of true heroism and he’s willing to risk everything to end the Night King’s threat. He’s willing to die for his kingdom’s people and that’s why he’s fit to be a king.

1 Angela Is Strict & Strong

Angela Martin may feel like a bit of a stretch, but martins are a species of birds. Like Ron Swanson, Angela has a crunchy exterior and a soft center. She and Dwight don’t have a textbook TV romance but she does prove that she has a heart by learning to deal with his massive foibles and by learning to be a mother to Philip. Angela’s not always a good person but she’s redeemed over time as she sees the error of her ways and does what she can to make amends. The martin bird represents freedom and hope, and Angela achieves a kind of freedom at the end of the series as she places her hope in Dwight.

Angela is strong-willed and overcomes the death of her beloved pet, losing Dwight, her husband’s affair with co-worker Oscar, and living in poverty. TheOffice is a show about trials in ordinary lives and while Angela spends a lot of time as one of the show’s most unpleasant characters, she rises above all this in the end.

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