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10 Idols With The Cutest Dogs

If there’s one thing idols love more than their fans – their dogs. And we love that for them. Especially with such a high-pressure and demanding job as an idol, having a little furry friend to come home to and play with would wash all the stress away. It’s not common for idols to show off their pet. Sometimes, their pet gets more spotlight than them, and they are undoubtedly okay with that. Here are some idols with the cutest pet dogs.

NCT Sungchan

If you think the entire NCT group is big, if you add in their pets, it gets bigger. The entire WayV dorm is literally just a pet home, and it’s the cutest thing ever. However, a new addition to the family just made its way into the public eye, and everyone is in love. Sungchan’s little princess, Daldal, is melting everyone with how cute she is. This adorable Maltipoo even has her own Instagram!

Stray Kids Hyunjin

STAY’s #lovestay boy isn’t just in love with STAYs. He is also obsessed with his long-haired Chihuahua, Kkami. He has a few vlogs of his time at home and just being with his little best friend. It’s always cute to see how spicy Kkami and Hyunjin’s always just smothering him with all his love. Before he got Kkami, Hyunjin had Kkomi when he was younger, who unfortunately passed away. To commemorate his time with Kkomi and offer tribute, Hyunjin wrote a song titled Little Star, where he displayed his beautiful vocals.

Kim Wooseok

Wooseok had his little pup, Dda Dda, join him in his reality series, Wooseok’s Unboxing, but fans were more excited to see the cute furball than to see him. Wooseok revealed that he would only spend around 15 USD on his own food but would not mind spending over 100 USD worth of food for his dogs, which can last for only two days. He would boil Korean hanwoo beef, give them the best parts of the cow and buy them expensive duck and lamb meat as a special meal. Wow, this is when TXT’s song “Cat & Dog” feels super relevant.

Park Jihoon

Ever since his debut as a solo artist, Jihoon always has had his dog, Max, be part of his work. Jihoon even asked Max to help him in choosing his fandom name, which was how his fans came to be May. Not only is the name very similar to Max, but it also means a lot to Jihoon as he was born in May. Jihoon also had May in his first-ever Fanclub kit.

EXO Sehun

Sehun’s love for his Bichon Frize Vivi, might just make other people and dogs jealous. He has always been very vocal about his love and quite literally wears his heart on his sleeves. From hoodies, headbands, and hats, to customized sneakers, Sehun has them all.

Blackpink Rosé

After being abandoned by his previous owner, the mixed-breed puppy Hank found himself the most perfect and loving home; with Blackpink’s Rosé. She brought Hank home from the animal shelter back in December 2020, and she’s been so in love with her little best friend ever since.


If there was a popularity competition, Yeontan would probably beat V in a heartbeat. This Pomeranian, who also goes by the nickname Tannie has gained a lot of attention from fans for his adorable looks. Despite the other members also having their own pets, Tannie is close to BTS and treats him like their own pet.


The TWICE family is also a big one if we were to include all their pets. Momo, too is a huge dog enthusiast, and she loves bragging to the world about her love for her little furry friend, Boo. This Norwich Terrier was named after her favorite character in the 2001 film Monsters Inc.


Depending on who you ask, the answer to “xx is a girl’s best friend” can be very different, but if you were to ask Chungha, she would say it’s Bambi. Her furry best friend is so popular and well-loved among her fans since she always brings Bambi along everywhere. In 2017, Bambi gave birth to three puppies named Dakgol, Bamtol, and Dodo, and one of them was adopted by Chungha’s manager.

GOT7 Mark

GOT7 is also known for having famous pets, and Mark’s dog, Milo, is just as famous as his owner. Back when Mark was still living in Korea, Milo would often have playdates with GOT7’s Youngjae’s dog, Coco. Mark, who is currently on tour, shared that he was missing his little furry friend when his sister then shared a photo of Milo kissing a Mark plushie. Yes, Mark, bring Milo on tour next time! Fans would love to see Milo too!


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