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3 benefits of pet insurance for new owners

While pet insurance is advantageous for most owners, there is one group that can benefit more than others: those who have young animals. / Credit: Getty Images

When it comes to pet insurancethe benefits are clear.

For a reasonable cost Each month you can guarantee that your dog or cat is thoroughly protected. This can range from routine, preventative care to medical treatments and prescriptions to more serious ailments as they age. You’ll also enjoy having peace of mind knowing that you have coverage for when things go wrong. And you’ll be able to do so with the veterinarian you trust (the insurance won’t dictate who your pet can and cannot see).

While pet insurance is advantageous for most owners, there is one group that can benefit more than others: those with young animals. If you’re looking around for a new cat or dog – or recently adopted one – then consider getting pet insurance now.

3 benefits of getting pet insurance now

Here are three reasons why new pet owners would benefit from getting pet insurance now.

Lower cost

Like life insurance for humans, insurance policies are cheaper for the young. As you age and your health issues increase, your medical costs will rise, too.

It’s the same concept with a dog or cat.

Pet insurance will be much easier to get at a reasonable cost when the animal is younger before any medical conditions appear. With a policy in place from the early weeks or months of your animal’s life, the owner can rest knowing their animal will be protected for years to come.

If any medical emergencies or conditions develop in the future the insurance will likely cover them. And the cost won’t break the bank because at such a young age the animal is healthy and free of major medical ailments.

So, it pays to get insured early. It’ll both protect the pet and your bank account. Get started with a new pet insurance plan today!

More visits

If you’re considering buying or recently purchased a new pet you should know that the initial price tag was just that – the initial one. There are more bills coming soon.

Just because your pet is young doesn’t mean they won’t have to visit the vet. Any new pet owner will tell you that you have to go to the vet a lot in those early weeks and months – for wellness checks, shots, and vaccinations and for general care and prevention.

And that doesn’t count for any accidents or swallowed items your new pet enjoys. So the sooner you sign up for (and get approved for) pet insurance the better it will be. You’ll pay a reasonable price for a service you’ll be using fairly often at the start.

Pre-existing conditions

Pet insurance, health insurance for humans, discriminates against those with pre-existing conditions. In fact, your pet may be turned down for insurance coverage if their pre-existing conditions are known – leaving you with a bill to pay out of pocket.

This is why it makes sense to insure your pet early before any nagging health issues arise. You’ll be able to get insurance for an inexpensive cost and be able to keep it should any medical conditions become persistent.

To learn more about pre-existing conditions – and what may or may not be covered for your young pet – speak to a pet insurance pro now who can answer your questions and set you up with a plan.

The bottom line

Just as it’s smart financial planning to have insurance for your family, carand vacation, it also makes sense to have it for your animals. As most pet owners will attest, their dog or cat is a member of the family.

So consider protecting them today. Just make sure you start early to get the most cost-effective plan.

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