6 x 2022 young birds

David backhouse

I’m offering 6 young birds from the 2nd round (ready around 4/4/22

I’m having time out from racing pigeons to give time to my young family and my new business

These rings are mainly




stefaan lambrecht

The lines I have here are

Red alert lines

Pink eye lines

Barney lines

New Kittle & Sagan Lines

Lincoln and sister Aure lines

Mealy Kittel lines

Brian Johnson Saffier pair

Olympian 003 lines

De Jan lines

Skittle and Rosita lines

birthday boy lines

Bolt lines

Boeing 747 lines

Prince brothers

these pigeons have winning bloodlines through out their family’s and have proved to do the business for me

Over the last 2 seasons

Topping the fed multiple times ,

Doncaster fed averages (2021)

Highest prize winner at club level (18 members) taking 393 points

1st section in the midlands national for old bird cocks With a yearling

These pigeons are class acts and if I was racing they wouldn’t be going anywhere else

Here’s a few photos of the hens sitting the 2nd round and a small video clip of the first round before they left

I will select my best in these 6

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