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A bridge to the beautiful world of birds and birdsong

A host of events and activities will accompany the launch of ‘Birdsong’ an upcoming exhibition by Bengaluru-based IME

A host of events and activities will accompany the launch of ‘Birdsong’ an upcoming exhibition by Bengaluru-based IME

The Indian Music Experience (IME) Museum in Bengaluru will be presenting ‘Birdsong,’ their annual exhibition from April 1, 2022. Resuming for the first time since the pandemic, the inauguration of the exhibition will include a concert, dance performance and film screening in collaboration with the Goethe Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan.

According to Manasi Prasad, director, IME, Birdsong will be on display to the public for four months, before it travels to other parts of the country.

“The theme of Birdsong is to bring together the musical and scientific aspects of bird vocalisations. The entire exhibition comprises bird photographs as well as interactive panels that explain the influence of birds on popular and traditional culture,” says Manasi, adding, “There are a lot of ways in which birds have influenced the world of arts and music — from raagas to popular Bollywood numbers and more.”

A ‘Mayuri Veena’ at the IME Birdsong event | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

By presenting audio-visual and interactive content, the curators hope visitors to the exhibition will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of birds — both from an ecological and cultural perspective. “Many people might not be aware of the complexities of different bird calls present in their neighborhood. Experts have put together various bird calls with photographs and static visual content to aid in the learning process,” she says.

Among the many gamified interactive exhibits is ‘Bird Boxing’. “Much like the concept of beat boxing, participants can blend bird melodies with the sound of instruments to create their own piece of music,” says Manasi.

A section of this exhibition is devoted to musical instruments inspired by birds, such as the ‘mayuri veena’.

Manasi says the inspiration for this theme of birds stemmed from the current ecological situation. “Due to ecological disasters such as deforestation, noise pollution and increased waste, especially in urban areas, the diversity of bird life has drastically reduced. While most people are aware of these dangers, I believe this exhibition which combines music and science, will drive home the importance of birds in our lives.”

The JISR troupe in concert

The JISR troupe in concert | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The cultural performances for the exhibition’s inauguration are also in keeping with its theme. A dance performance choreographed by Preethi Athreya mimics bird movements, while the concert by Germany-based JISR, integrating world music, jazz and ethnic instruments, includes compositions such as ‘Nightingale,’ inspired by bird sounds. JISR will also conduct a free master class in world music on March 31 for music students. One can register for the same at: programs@indianmusicexperience.org.

Tickets to the JISR concert on April 1 and the dance performance on April 2 are available on bookmyshow. There will be a free screening of Embryo—A Journey of Music and Peace on April 3. For details log on to www.indianmusicexperience.org or goethe.de/bangalore

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