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Adorable Viral Video Shows School Bus for Dogs

Videos of dogs have the tendency to make audiences say “aww,” but this clip, in particular, was more than the typical adorable moment caught on camera.

In a video now viewed over 9 million times, @mireyanicoleb showed footage of her Golden Retriever returning home from daycare in a school bus.

“[M]y dog ​​goes to daycare where they pick up & drop off in a school bus,” @mireyanicoleb, whose full name is Mireya Bustamante, wrote in text overlaid onto the viral video.

In the clip, Bustamante zooms in on the school bus showing the shadows of other canines waiting for their drop-off time while someone walks her Golden Retriever to the front door.

Mireya Bustamante and her dog Olive, live in Austin, Texas. A video has gone viral on TikTok after Bustamante shared the bus that picks up her dog for daycare.
Courtesy of Mireya Bustamante

In a comment under the video, Bustamante shared that the daycare is called EZ Dog Stay and Play, located in Austin, Texas.

Evan Zwerneman, owner and founder of EZ Dog Stay and Play told Newsweek that in May the daycare will be celebrating three years in business. Each day, he said, they have on average 50-60 dogs in their care.

He said though there are other daycare and boarding services around the country that might offer one-off shuttling services, EZ Dog Stay and Play is the only business he knows of that does “round trip care.”

He said they have four vans and one actual school bus which is what’s shown in the video. All of the typical school bus seats still remain on the bus, Zwerneman just purchased seatbelts for each dog and loads the pups on from back to front.

He said he came up with the idea for the daycare after working as the manager of a veterinarian clinic. He wanted to work for himself and EZ Dog Stay and Play was his way to do so.

The company offers boarding and daycare for dogs out of what Zwerneman calls his “dog ranch” which sits on a few acres of land. Someone even lives on-site full time for the safety and security of the pups.

According to a report from the US Census Bureau in 2020, over the decade ending in 2017, sales of pet care services doubled, to a total of $5.8 billion. Pet care services include services such as grooming, boarding, training and pet sitting.

Bustamante wrote to Newsweek that as a nurse, the daycare services for her dog, Olive, have been a “lifesaver.”

“Now my dog ​​isn’t lonely at home and can have fun with all her friends all day,” she said. “The best part is that I can watch her playing with the other dogs at daycare on the daycare’s Instagram stories!”

Commenters got a kick out of the clip. Bustamante said many asked to see a “pick up” video as well which she planned to post on her TikTok page.

“I want this job when I retire,” one commenter wrote below the viral video.

“Omg this is so cute,” wrote another.

Golden Retriever TikTok
A video has gone viral on TikTok after a woman shared the school bus that picks up her dog for daycare. Here, a stock photo shows a Golden Retriever running.
Bigandt_Photography/Getty Images

Bustamante said the school bus is the best part and makes the experience very convenient for her.

“She plays with the other dogs and comes home exhausted,” Bustamante said about Olive’s day-to-day at EZ Dog Stay and Play. “I can also request for her to have a bath before she comes home or I can buy her ice cream for a small snack at daycare. It is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen.”

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