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Adrian Barich: Owning a dog (or three) makes us far better humans

If you don’t have a dog, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bad life. However, if you do get a dog, I can guarantee you’ll have a better life.

If you’re covered in dog hair, it generally means your life is full and now with everyone getting breeds that are crossed with poodles, even shedding isn’t a problem.

Last week I met a couple of classic dog combinations. Check out a Yorkiepoo, a terrier crossed with a poodle or a Pomapoo, a Pomeranian cross. Labradoodles are hard to beat too if you want a slightly bigger dog.

But I digress. Yes I am a dog lover and the breed I favor are pugs, the clowns of the dog world.

These are the times when you wish you had a job that allowed you to be totally anonymous.

No matter what sort of day I’ve had, my three pugs will greet me with a joyful welcome. In fact these days they’re the only ones who actually acknowledge I’ve arrived home from work.

And I can imagine you’re all thinking, why three pugs, what a weirdo? But it wasn’t planned that way, it’s a happy product of the pandemic. Someone got stuck overseas and we ended up taking ownership of a third dog.

Camera IconAdrian Barich with his three pugs. Credit: Justin Benson Cooper/The Sunday Times

One thing that you probably don’t know about pugs is a group of pugs is called a grumble. And my grumble is a well-known sight around my suburb, though I’m sure many people drive by and think there’s Barra, what an idiot: three dogs.

But as someone once said, the pug is living proof that God has a sense of humor and it was on show at Easter on one of our regular walks. That day, Easter Sunday, Hattie, the younger fawn pug decided to stop in front of the local church and answer an urgent call of nature.


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