An Italian Husband and Two Children: The Life of Jessica Chastain.

“I always had this fear of being homeless. Being evicted.”

Young Jessica was creative and imaginative, but she struggled in school.

“They told me every day at school that I was ugly and that no one wanted to be my friend,” she said. Glamor. “The cruelest things.”

One day, Jessica’s grandmother, Marilyn Herst, took her to see a production of Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat, staged by a professional theater company. Jessica saw a girl on stage and decided that this would be her career. I was ready to start right away.

“My poor mom, she always said, ‘Mom, can you take me to Los Angeles so I can be in commercials?’” she said. The Guardian.

Jessica began to put on plays for the neighbors and from there, she participated in theater productions. She became the first person in her family to go to college when she was accepted to the prestigious Juilliard School of Drama in New York.

Her grandmother gave her money to help her get through her freshman year and traveled with her to New York to help her get settled. Jessica was “terrified” that she would be kicked off the show for not being good enough.

“So the first year, I was wracked with anxiety.”

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After the first year, he received a scholarship, funded by the late Robin Williams, which eased the financial pressure on his family. But he never got a chance to thank the star in person.

The only time she saw him, he was sitting near her in a restaurant. She waited for him to finish eating before approaching, but “he jumped up and ran” so she never got her chance before he died.

Three days before Jessica graduated, her sister Juliet committed suicide. Juliet, a musician, had reconnected with her biological father before his death. Jessica says that Juliet had had problems with drug abuse.

“And he had a lot of suicide attempts, but you never really think this is going to happen, even though, in your mind, you know it can happen,” he said. Modern luxury Manhattan. “And when you get the call, it’s…shocking.”

Jessica said her sister’s suicide “completely changed who I am.”

“A movie, the Oscars, a dress, if someone thinks I’m stupid… I realized that nothing is that important,” she said. Fashion.

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