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‘And so … there is hardly any sex.’

The fact that Miranda’s son Brady was the only one to have sex in the first four episodes was also frustrating. Does the program suggest that fondling and bodily fluids is only for young people? Why wasn’t the goal of the first series to show women as sexual beings with credit cards and autonomy? If I wanted to immerse myself in the sex life of a teenager, there are many television options: reruns of Gossip Girl or The oc someone? But there is no program on television that frankly discusses the sex lives of 50-year-old women.

Listen to the Mamamia Out Loud episode about the Sex And The City reboot, and so on. Post continues after audio.

Of course, I know there is a lot going on on the show right now. Carrie Bradshaw has lost her husband, Miranda is studying and diving into new territory, and Charlotte is navigating parenting teens. These are all plot points that I really enjoy, but there is hardly any sex.

Even new characters on the scene who seem to be bursting with personality only have implied sex lives. What about sex when you are browsing IVF? Surely Che has a quite exciting sex life, and if not, why not? Is Miranda surely not your only sexual interaction? But none of this is explored, and I’m desperate for it!

Still, the latest episode is proof that sex can be a big part of this new series. Che and Miranda have an incredibly hot scene in the kitchen, while Carrie recovers from a hip operation, it is the peak of Sex And The City. Mixing the serious and mundane with the lewd. Still, that scene reminded me how much I’d love for all the main characters to explore their sexuality more. It’s certainly very entertaining, if the kitchen scene is something to go through!

I understand that the show is choosing to move away from sex and focus on what life is like at 50, which is juggling everything from raising families, starting over, to dealing with death. So maybe there is less room for orgasms. But what I loved about the original series was that there was always time for sex – she could tackle breast cancer in the same episode that she addressed dirty talk. He talked about real life and at the same time included the sexual lives of women in the mix.

There are more episodes in this season, so perhaps in the future, women will once again immerse themselves in their sex lives, and the plot will start to blend in with their bedroom activities! So there is hope, and I really hope that is where we are headed. Each character deserves their own version of that kitchen scene.

Because I don’t want to live in a world where Carrie’s sex life isn’t as fabulous as her wardrobe.

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