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Angry dog ​​hailed ‘next Rocky Balboa’ after hilarious boxing match against cushion

Three-year-old pug Max ‘fancies himself as a bit of a boxer’ and takes out his anger out on his owner’s cushions – but luckily Nathan East, 38, from Warwick, just finds it funny

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Pug caught punching pillows coined ‘next Rocky Balboa’

An angry dog ​​has been called a canine boxing legend after punching his owner’s cushion with all his might – just like Rocky Balboa.

Three-year-old pug Max has a personal vendetta against his owners’ interior design choices and isn’t afraid to show them.

Nathan East, 38, and wife, Kelly East, 39, from Warwickshire, are used to Max letting out his frustration on their furniture and say “he fancies himself as a bit of a boxer”.

In the hilarious video shared on TikTok, the frustrated pug can be seen repeatedly pummeling the cream cushion on the sofa like a well-trained champ.

Max was crowned the winner


Kennedy News and Media)

He hates the family’s cushions


Kennedy News and Media)

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Nathan explained: “Before we had Max, we used to have Boxer dogs. It’s really weird that we’ve gone from Boxer dogs to a dog that wants to be a boxer.

“Max has done this a few times, he hates the cushions on the sofas.

“He’ll go from one end of the sofa to the next and push them all off, he absolutely hates them.

“He’ll hit them like that or get himself underneath them and flick them off the sofa.

“He makes them flattened and pulled, this is the third lot of cushions we’ve had.

“We’ve got five cushions on and they’re between £10 and £20 a time. It’s cost us a bit over the years with him.

“He thinks he’s the boss.”

Owner Nathan can see the funny side


Kennedy News and Media)

Dad-of-three Nathan welcomed Max into his home when he was just six months old and soon noticed his unusual habit.

Nathan added: “As soon as we saw him doing it, we knew we had to put it online because it was just so funny. People have obviously agreed with that and absolutely loved it.

“When he’s got the pillows on the floor, he looks down at them and then looks up at us as if to say ‘look what I’ve done’.

“It seems he doesn’t approve of our interior design choices. He looks at them in disgust, as if to say ‘they’re better down on the floor’.

“On the video, there are two cushions already on the floor.

Max should have been a Boxer dog


Kennedy News and Media)

“I do try and tell Max to stop but he looks at me as if to say ‘no, I don’t want them here’, then carries on.

“He’s quite the character. He really is one of his own, like a little baby.

“He’ll just come up after doing that, lie with his legs in the air on his back, showing off all his bits and bobs.

“Our other pug Bella looks at him to say ‘what are you doing?”

After posting the clip online, Max’s expert jabs gained him 1.3 million views, with 208,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments.

One TikTok user joked: “He’s not pug, he’s a Boxer dog.” while another agreed: “Half Boxer half pug.”

A boxing fan said: “Rockyyyy.” and a fourth wrote: “You’re not beating this pup.”

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