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Angry mums kick off when someone edits their ‘no dogs’ sign to something much ruder

The parents installed homemade signs warning owners against walking their dogs near the children’s playground – but ended up receiving a fine after two men took matters in to their own hands

The man spotted homemade signs popping up around the park

Two men have been making a stand against disgruntled mums who want to see dogs banned from a children’s play park.

The parents installed ‘no dog walking’ signs across a park which has on-lead and off-lead areas, with owners able to choose where they want to exercise their pets.

Despite dogs being welcomed in all areas across the park, the parents took it upon themselves to ban them from walking anywhere near the children’s playground.

Speaking to Reddit, a dog owner explained how he spotted homemade signs popping up warning people against walking their dogs in the designated on-lead spaces.

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The mums were fined by the police


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He said: “With spring here, I noticed signs all over the on-leash part of the park. The next day they were gone, next week they were back. This happened several times and I was starting to think I was tripping.

“Last night I walked my dog ​​around 1am (scary dog ​​privilege) and saw two guys laughing and climbing the post the signs were put on.

“They started taking them down. They saw me looking and hollered ‘no worries, these are not put up by the city but by a Karen, we’ll fix it.’.”

It was when he was on his way home when he got a chance to read the men’s replacement signs, which read “No kids off-leash” and “Clean up after your kids”.

“I laughed and walked away. The next day I saw the mums were not impressed,” he added.

“They had called the police and wanted the signs down. They admitted to putting signs up banning dog walking in front of the police as well.

“They got fined and the police said someone will come to take the new signs down in up to 90 days. I can’t stop laughing. A few dads tried to take them down but the guys glued them with industrial glue.”

Despite there being no blanket law requiring dogs to be kept on a lead in all public spaces, there are several orders in place requiring owners to leash their dogs in certain areas.

These include in some children’s playgrounds, sports pitches, roads, parks and beaches.

A Blue Cross statement reads: “Many local authorities have introduced Public Spaces Protection Orders over the last couple of years to restrict dogs to be walked on a lead or excluded from the area entirely in certain public spaces.

“Look out for signage detailing restrictions. We also recommend checking your local council’s website for details of any restricted areas.

“Local authorities have the power to introduce these orders under a number of different laws, and can issue fines or fixed penalty notices for those who don’t comply.”

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