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Apartment Complex Institutes Dog DNA Testing, Sparking Debate

A TikToker revealed alleged demands from her apartment complex that all residents’ dogs be DNA-tested to hold those who don’t pick up their dog’s poop accountable.

The video was posted Wednesday by TikToker Kallie (@kallieslayed). In it, Kallie says she got a residential notice from her apartment complex that states it will begin DNA testing all dogs in a PooPrints program.

“We are unable to keep up with the un-scooped dog waste and are taking immediate corrective action,” the notice, featured in her video, reads.

PooPrints is a company that advocates for safe waste removal and collects DNA from cheek swabs to create a “genetic database” of dog identities, according to its website. Samples are reportedly then collected from pet waste left on the ground and compared to the database to determine the offending dog owner.

The CEO of PooPrints, Jay Retinger, told the Daily Dot that there are over 7,000 communities using PooPrints internationally. Most of its customers are apartment complexes in the US

“We get all kinds of questions, people are blown away,” Retinger told the Daily Dot on the phone. “It’s so funny to see the spectrum of thoughts and takes on the program. Is it big brother? Are we the poop police? Is it environmental protection? There’s so many different opinions.”

According to the notice Kallie reads aloud in the video, all dogs at the apartment complex are required to have a cheek swab. If the owners don’t oblige, the notice states they could either be fined $150 or have their rental agreement canceled.

“Honestly I couldn’t believe the announcement when I read it, I thought it was an April Fools prank,” Kallie told the Daily Dot over Instagram direct message. “DNA swabbing dogs seems like something straight out of a black-mirror episode!”

According to the notice, if pet owners complete the cheek swab before June, the apartment complex will not charge them for the test. If owners wait until after June, however, they will be charged $50.

Once the dog owners responsible for unscooped poop are determined, they will be fined $350, the notice states. If the fine is not paid, the dog owner’s rental agreement will reportedly be subject to termination.

“THEY’RE DNA TESTING ALL DOGS WTF,” Kallie captioned the video. “I didn’t even know it got that bad.”


I didn’t even know it got that bad 😭 #wtf #fyp #dogsofttiktok

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The viral TikTok, which amassed over 112,200 views, sparked debate about the DNA collection policy, with some arguing it’s unreasonable.

“That’s literally insane,” one user argued.

“IS THAT LEGAL???” another user questioned.

According to the denver postcompanies like PooPrints and Mr Dog Poop DNA Service have been collecting dog DNA at apartment complexes for years.

“It’s completely legal. When you live in an apartment community and you’re renting that unit you’re functioning under the rules under that pet policy and lease agreement,” Retinger told the Daily Dot.

Retinger also said that many people underestimate the risks of dog waste, which he says is more harmful than waste from other animals. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, dog fecal matter can cause disease in humans by spreading salmonella, E. coli, and other bacteria.

Some users said in the comments section of the viral TikTok they’re glad owners who don’t pick up after their pets are seemingly being brought to justice.

“I mean nobody should have a problem with that, unless they aren’t picking up after their dog,” one user commented.

“Honestly? Good,” another responded.

Kallie told the Daily Dot that she empathizes with the apartment complex who implemented the PooPrints program.

“I get why management would go this route, scare tactic or not. All I know is my cat and I will be laughing at all the lazy dog ​​owners who live at my complex,” she said.

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*First Published: Mar 31, 2022, 3:32 pm CDT

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