Ashes cricket 2022: Stuart Broad roasted for ‘ridiculous’ burst on camera, Hobart 5th Test

Stuart Broad produced a new contender for the Ashes’ weirdest complaint when he shot an unlikely culprit in Hobart.

Fast bowlers are a different breed and England’s Stuart Broad made that clear for all to see with an odd complaint on Day 2 of the fifth Ashes test in Hobart.

The veteran closer was coming to throw to Mitchell Starc, but backed off at the last second and was clearly upset about something in his line of sight.

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Pausing in the crease, Broad yelled to no one in particular, “Stop moving the robot!”, which was picked up loud and clear by the stump’s microphone.

He was referring to Fox Cricket’s traveling camera, which was behind the boundary rope at the goalie’s end, some 75 meters away.

Usually it’s the batsmen who walk away at the last moment because they complain about a problem with the vision screen and bewildered fans were quick to criticize Broad for his antics.

Sportswriter Mark Gottlieb tweeted: “A bowler retiring from his career because there is movement behind the batsman (in this case, a camera on a robot) is completely ridiculous.

“Just throw the ball. Are you going to walk away from the delivery if a fan gets up and goes for a beer? This is not tennis or golf. Stop being so damn precious.

Australian cricket great Shane Warne was not very impressed by Broad’s overreaction to an object that was not close to him.

“It’s probably about 100 meters from where Stuart Broad is,” Warne said on Fox Cricket.

“We’re trying to bring you footage of the bowler running and all the different angles. “And no one has complained.”

Adam Gilchrist saw the funny side of Broad’s reaction, but thought he was a bit over the top.

“That sounds appropriate as a little kid in the backyard (having) fake spit,” he said.

“It’s been a tough tour.”

Broad finished with figures of 3/59 in his 25 overs as Australia’s tail provided some action from behind in the first session of Day 2 at Blundstone Arena.


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