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Aus vs Eng 4th Ashes Test – ‘Just don’t fear them’


The England hitter believes that some of his teammates haven’t been in the right “headspace” to get the runs expected of them.

Zak Crawley has admitted that some of England’s hitters may have been intimidated in the Ashes series, but he believes the last two Tests could start a rebuilding process.

England were impressed by 185 and 68 in the Melbourne test, as the ashes were lost in 12 days. They haven’t gone past 300 in the series so far, they haven’t scored a century yet, and in 2021 the team equaled their record of 54 ducks in a calendar year.

Crawley was pushed to the side for the Boxing Day test at the expense of Rory Burns, who had barely batted since the end of the English season due to interrupted preparations in Australia. He did 12 and 5, taking his test of the year record to 173 runs at 10.81, and he ranked the second night against Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins as the most difficult period he had ever faced.

“I’m not afraid of them,” Crawley said when asked how England could counter Australia’s attack. “I feel like some of us on our first Ashes tour maybe a little distrustful of them when we don’t have to.

“It’s a great place to hit even though they are great bowlers, some of them are the best in the world, but when you walk in as Rooty [Joe Root] Y [Dawid] Malan has shown it, sometimes they look very comfortable. I will certainly do that in this game, [play with a] a little more confidence, because I know very well that I can score a hundred here this week. “

Overall in his first-class career, Crawley, who left his mark with 267 against Pakistan in 2020, has five centuries of 66 matches and an average of 30.91. Graham Thorpe, England’s assistant coach who replaces Chris Silverwood this week due to Covid-19-related head coach isolation, spoke last week about the gap between county and test cricket and that England’s batting had been exposed on this tour.

“I learned that there were certain balls [in Melbourne] I could go where in England you have to play and I’ll try to do better this week. It’s a great opportunity to start over and make the team a better place. “

Zak Crawley

“Everyone has seen the talent that our hitters have shown in recent years,” Crawley said. “We all have the talent to score great runs in test cricket, you just have to be in the right headspace to play like this. I feel like that’s where we got a little wrong, we weren’t in the right headspace, but physically and in terms of talent there is no doubt that we can score hundreds here. “

Crawley admitted that he had not had a good year in 2021, but argued that there were some extenuating circumstances and also walked away from his Melbourne exam with a positive thought.

“That night with the crowd, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but I look back with some good memories,” he said. “It’s special to be a part of it. I play fair, they played well, but I hope he can have a good week this week.

“I haven’t played my best cricket. In fact, I feel in a very good place with my batting. Those stats [averaging 10] they are misleading at times. I have never experienced anything like playing in India, if I scored 10 it felt like a good score then I didn’t feel in good contact in the summer and all of a sudden you’re averaging 10.

“Hope it’s a little flatter wicket here [Sydney, for the fourth Test], usually it is, [Melbourne] featured quite a bit. I learned that there were certain balls that I could leave where in England you have to play and I will try to do better this week. It’s a great opportunity to start over and make the team a better place. “

Andrew McGlashan is Deputy Editor of ESPNcricinfo

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