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Border residents are being encouraged to take note of the birds they see and hear in preparation for a national survey later this month. The Aussie Backyard Bird survey is running again this year between October 18 and 24. Birdlife Australia southern NSW woodland bird project officer Ben Humphries said the survey relied on citizen science and was incredibly value to researchers and conservationists. “Everyone is encouraged to record their sighted birds whether at work or in the backyard or down the main street of town or in the park or at the beach or indeed on their property,” he said. IN OTHER NEWS: “It’s basically a snapshot of the status of birds at that time, so those records are being used for Bird Life Australia’s data base. “We can use those results to try to determine the best conservation outcomes.” Residents interested in being involved can report their sightings using the Aussie Bird Count app or through the website. Mr Humphries said the bird watches should stick to a consistent format. “Spend 20 minutes in the same outdoor space and record all the birds that you see in that period ,” he said. “People are encouraged to try and only record the birds they’re confident to identify. “You can do as many counts as you like from the 18th to the 24th of October.” Mr Humphries said when potentially hundreds of thousands of people were involved it was a significant survey method. “It gives a great insight into how the bird is tracking, what birds are most common, what birds we’re not seeing and that allows us to then best focus our conservation outcomes, managements and interventions in areas where we see birds are declining, “he said. Mr Humphries has also been working with farmers in a separate project to preserve bird life on properties. Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. This is how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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