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Australia’s Most Influential Breed Shapers

WHEN Recorder “skipper” Adam Dobbin fired through the email that said “come up with a list of the top 10 broodbitches in Australia”, it was an “easier said than done” moment.

The top 10 sires list written a few weeks ago prompted enough discussion online to top anything about Trump v Biden (Go Donald!).

When my reply to Adam asked should it be just great broodbitches and their immediate progeny, or should it be breed shapers who have left a lasting legacy … his replies stopped coming.

I was handed an open book policy.

Legend broodbitches can be put into either of those categories, and I have chosen to give both.

But, I cannot be “blamed” alone. I asked Darren Leeson, as avid a breeding buff as I have ever come across, to come up with such a list.

His was based on progeny produced.

Mine will concentrate on breed shapers who, without their input, the face of Australian greyhound racing would be so undeniably changed.

Leeson’s Dozen:

1. ELSIE MOSS – (Black Top) Rose Moss, Millers Moss, Clay Moss (Which Chariot) Pearl Moss, Mister Miss, Honey Moss (Black Top) Anne Lewis (Venerated) Thunderbolt Moss

2. CAMDEN GLIDER – (Early Copy) Gliders Son, Peter Glider (Waverley Supreme) Turbo Top (World Acclaim) Camdens Ghost

3. SOBBING SAL – (Head Honcho) Hotshow Ben, Hotshow Sam (Gun Law Osti) Brett Lee, Trendy Leigh (Just The Best) Big Daddy Cool, Lethal Weapon, Ballintore Brave

4. SUPREME DOT – (Fast Sapphire) The Ringer, The Governor, Dottie All Over (World Acclaim) My Oscar (Fast Sapphire) Holstein Boy, The Penner (Chief Babwe) Black Revella, Dots Dynasty

5. GORGEOUS BABE – (Rocket Jet) Magic Babe (Rocket Jet) Tell You Why (Rocket Jet) Push Button, Gemdelina, Gay Glint

6. TENTHILL-FLYER – (Amerigo Man) Flying Amy, Austwide, Tenthill Man, Optima One (Malawi’s Prince) Tenthill Doll, Silent Emotion, Wilhemina (Farloe Melody) Tenthill Flash, Docile Darcy

7. WAROO LASS – (Temlee) National Lee, Rinaldi Lass (Chief Dingaan) National Lass (Nation Parade) Trixie’s Flight

8. PIT STOCK PARK – (Wild Port) Acacia Park, Mister Biggles (Little Blade) Brother Fox, Doubtful Bill, Our Park

9. TRAVELING GIRL – (Pretty Short) Whip Tip, Hickari (Brother Fox) Clover Chief, Golden Fox, Spanish Play (Pretty Short) Gotta Be Solid, Explosive Pete, Only Whisper, Traveling Short (Brother Fox) Streaking, Mercy Travel (Worth Doing) Pinto

10. WONOKA – (Plunder Road) Bolta (Plunder Road) Corcoran, Crete (Milo’s Charm) Baguio, Oyster Pearl

11. SPANISH DANCE – (Brother Fox) Key Dancer (West Cape) Just A Dancer, Gowrie, Mount Smart (Ginger) Miss Cruise, Butler Rayne, Tap Dance (Casino Tom) Prize Dancer, Casino Maid, Casino Magic

12. HOPPY’S GIRL – (Chariot Supreme) Black Pirate, Sheedy (Chariot Supreme) Bomber Gleeson, Nashemraro (Hay Dinney) Dallas Duo, Ringo Rhode, Rich Return

So to the countdown of “breed shapers”. They may not necessarily have left champions galore in their own litters, but without any of them … where would we be now?

Honorable Mention:

Dark Debutante (damline of Velocette, Born Ali and samd line as Paua To Burn, Chili Berger), Del Bairn Babe, Bay Road Queen (damline of Just The Best and Token Prince), Venetian Rose (3rd dam of Temlee), or such distant influences like Tapestry (found on the direct damline of Black Shiraz, Tangaloa, Primo Uno), Francis Colleen (the real foundation broodbitch of most of Australia’s greats), and Phar’s Reminder the 1940s bitch found along the direct damline of Brett Lee, Rapid Journey, Eaglehawk Star etc.


(Which Chariot-Constitute)

From a very strong direct damage, she was a goldmine for Bill Lecky in Victoria. Her own progeny included Zulu Moss, who had the misfortune to be around when Temlee was immortal on the track. Also from Cursorial was New Mariner, Errinundra, Talisman but a few unheralded on the racetrack like Riviera Moss, Black Pepper, Alesia Moss, Pepper’s Gem. From these, especially Riviera Moss, came Gallant Anne, San Remo, Miss Lemoss, Have A Half, Scripture, Hard To See, Chief Dingaan and Zimbabwe (combined in Little Denver and National Dingaan). From that came Shy Deena, Flag The Fawn, then Toss The Teddy, Rocket Supreme, Travel Bug then Daisy Clover, Dagenham, Riviera Tiger, Midnight Hour, Zimbabwe (the damline of Bombastic Shiraz), Chief Babwe, Versatile Miss, Worth Doing, Hug The Rail, Georgia Belle and on to Keybow. Where do we stop! The Bombastic Shiraz influence is enough to say she deserves her place.


(Magic Babe-Shy Melody)

Who? I can hear you ask. She is included because she is the 3rd dam of Camden Glider (Benjamin John-Pavlova’s Girl) and the 5th dam of National Lass (Chief Dingaan-Waroo Lass). Consider where we would be without National Lass. Camden Glider was a great race bitch and fabulous producer of such greats as Glider’s Son, Peter Glider, Turbo Top etc. This branch has been idling for some time. National Lass produced greats like Little Denver, and his eminent producing sister National Dingaan, as well as National Leader, Denver and so many city winners it is impossible to name them all here. It is through her daughters and granddaughters that came greatness. Magic Sprite, Oaks Road, Betty’s Angel all from National Dingaan. The damnline is so powerful still today.


(Rocket Mac Makino)

Bob Doak’s gold mine. Had to be in any list of breed shapers because she is found up close in both Brother Fox (through his sire Little Blade) and Pretty Short (his 3rd dam is Secretly). The dam of dominating offspring like Academy Lass, Monaro Flash, Secret Deb, Newmore’s Secret, Bonnie Secret, Secret Tiv, Shantony, William Todd, Lord Gemini … the next generation from Secretly included Dusty Rapid, Dusty Trail, Little Blade, Society Romeo, Kim’s Monaro, Pretty New, Shane’s Monaro. Where would we be without Brother Fox and Pretty Short … thanks to Secretly.


(Benjamin John-Light Court)

Probably could have started with her granddam Mable Alice (4th dam of Best Of Blue). But, Hopeful Light has certainly been a breeder shaper. The Hallinan empire would not be without her and her descendants. Hopeful Light left such racetrack stars as Spanish Dance, Hopeful Doll, Gavaskar, Yannick, Swift As Light, Redwell Star, while Spanish Dance left greats like Miss Cruise, Tap Dance, Key Dancer, Tokyo Tramp, Hopeful Supreme. Ask Marty Hallinan where he would be today without this damn line.


(Black Diro-Glen Aussie)

Much is made of the fact she was a moderate breed bitch who became a breed shaper. She won three races, but left Bowetzel at stud and that was a start because he became a huge broodbitch influence. But Princess Diro was also the dam of Shining Light and from there has come greatness, especially when Shining Light and Bowetzel were combined in pedigrees. Shining Light produced Shining Chariot, Pure Talent and Centrefire. The latter is the mother of Light Of Fire, sire of Awesome Assassin. Consider how many breed dogs of today carry Awesome Assassin (Fernando Bale just one). It’s the line also of greats like Keon Star. The Ivers family used this line to produce a multitude of great breed dogs.


(Temlee-Osti Too)

A classy breed bitch winner of the Maitland Gold Collar and Cowra Cup. But, as a broodbitch she was sensational and her daughters became greats. Dam of such stars as Mary Casey and the likes, but it was her daughters that produced the likes of Jessica Casey, Gun Law Osti, Pilgrim’s Star, Master Hilo, Shining Osti, Elusive Odie, Osti’s Idol, Paris Match, Equability. Consider just Gun Law Osti (sire of Brett Lee) and Paris Match (dam of Bobniak, damsire of Where’s Pedro, Hallucinate, Crash etc) and you have a damline so, so dominant. Aussie Infrared is from the direct damline, Wow’s dam is saturated with four crosses of this family. It goes on and one and on.

Gun Law Osti


(Chief Havoc – Daisy Rock)

Another from the fabled Francis Colleen direct damline. Her own produce included Boeing Jet, Early Jet, Gay Glint, Gemdalina, Magic Babe, Metal Jet, Sky Jet, the immortal Tell You Why … you get the picture. Where indeed would we be without just Magic Babe, and the US picture would be blank without Tell You Why. Gorgeous Babe’s daughters left such stars as Takiri. Consider this … US hall of famer Dutch Bahama is line bred to the brothers Tell You Why and Sky Jet and has a cross of legend Elsie Moss. AND, Dutch Bahama is found duplicated in KC And All such a huge influence on Aussie bloodlines in recent times. Temlee’s mother was in-bred to Magic Babe.


(Tegimi-Freckled Pick)

No great shakes as a race bitch but she did have ability and was a litter sister to G1 staying star Kenthurst Kate (the direct damline of Flying Ricciardo), Mugshot and Milo’s Picnic. Dennis Reid rode a remarkable high with the progeny of Traveling Girl and her daughters, granddaughters etc. Names like Clover Chief, Golden Fox, Mercy Travel, Streaking, Gotta Be Solid, Hickari, Whip Tip, Only Whisper, Traveling Short all made Dennis a training legend. They led on to Bring The Bacon, Golden Clover, New Fox, Weeping Vixen, Outrun, Every Possible, Under Thunder, Needles And Pins, Burst Asunder, Solid Ebony, Golden Mike, Traveling Tears, Traveling Ghost. And they led on to Questions, Road Closed etc. The damline continues today through Light Fantastic and includes Fantastic Dotty, Fantastic Skye, Fantastic Spiral, Campini, Fantastic Raven and other branches through Lochinvar Marlow and his brother Godsend and the above mentioned Flying Ricciardo. Traveling Girl deserves her place.


(Top Bomber-Michells’s Babe)

Again…who? Check her out and you will find she is the ancestress of legends like Brett Lee. Marungi Girl is the 4th dam of Wee Sal (in the Hall of Fame) and her litter sister Highly Blessed (in the Hall of Fame). Wee Sal is the dam of Sobbing Sal the mother of Brett Lee, Big Daddy Cool and Trendy Leigh. This is the damn line of Hotshow Vintage, No Intent, Hotshow Ben, Hotshow Lil, Exceptional, Hotshow Sam, Head Bound, Balintore Brave and Balintore Beauty. It is Cry Havoc and Benji’s Babe found in many of the Mepunga line like Mepunga Ruby, Circle Of Dreams, Mepunga Isla … it goes on and on. Marungi Girl is also found in the direct damline of Nitro Burst, sire of Zambora Brockie who is in-bred to this family. It is also the damline of Wanzel dam of Hua and granddam of Amy’s Doll.


(Magic Babe-Maggie Moss)

A great race bitch winning the St Leger but becoming a broodbitch legend so much that she was bought to go to the US and became dominant there as well. She has a hugely in-bred pedigree and matings to Black Top and Witch Chariot produced greats like Rose Moss and Pearl Moss. But, her sons Mister Moss, Clay Moss, Miller’s Moss, Bill Moss (in the US) etc are found everywhere in pedigrees. In the US, hall of famer Dutch Bahama carries her son Thunderbolt Moss, but three crosses of Gorgeous Babe (dam of Elsie Moss’ sire). Elsie Moss is from the famous Francis Colleen direct damline … that of Temlee. Elsie Moss is duplicated in Pitstock Park, the dam of Brother Fox and Acacia Park. It is the direct damage of the Northfield’s great Brindle County damage.


Gail’s Beauty (Hot Top-Secret Beauty) was in-bred 2×2 to half relations Top Linen and Tassin, both out of broodbitch great Brenda Gay. Gail’s Beauty became the dam of such stars as Pacermatic, Sharp Tak and Dynabolt. The latter became a wonderful producer herself. Without Gail’s Beauty, the Wheeler domination of greyhound racing for decade after decade would not have happened. From this line came Odious, Emiline Bale, Mercia Bale, Winifred Bale … ​​right down to Fernando Bale and now beyond.

Namor Star (Roman Earl-Glendale Star) is unheralded even within the Wheeler family. Like Gail’s Beauty, she was in-bred 3×2 to littermates Brenda’s Daughter and Top Linen (the same in-breeding as Temlee). Namor Star’s direct damline is that of Barcia Bale, his dam Princess Bale, and her dam Gold Rush Bale. Princess Bale is line bred to Gail’s Beauty and Namor Star.

So there you have it.

Obviously with these bitches spanning many, many decades the line-up is open to all sorts of conjecture. But, there is no doubting each and every one have earned a shot at inclusion on such a list.

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