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Avian flu found in wild birds at Seattle, Bellevue parks

Several wild ducks and geese have tested positive for avian flu, according to Public Health – Seattle & King County.

Ducks with bird flu were found on May 22 at Seattle’s Green Lake and Volunteer parks and the Bellevue Downtown Park, according to the department. Infected ducks have also been found on private property.

If you happened to touch or come within 6 feet of ducks at these parks, Public Health – Seattle & King County asks you to call 206-296-4774.

While the risk of avian flu spreading from birds to people is low, the department asks people to notify it and your health care provider if you develop flulike symptoms 10 days after exposure.

The first case in Washington was detected in a backyard poultry flock in Pacific County on May 6. Since then, the highly pathogenic disease has been detected in backyard flocks in several counties, including Snohomish, according to the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Two backyard flocks in King County tested positive for avian flu on May 25.

The disease is often fatal among birds and is primarily spread through wild migratory birds and their feces.

The state Department of Agriculture recommended that live market poultry sales pause for 30 days until the end of June and several local zoos have moved their birds indoors from public exhibits.

Public Health – Seattle & King County recommends people not approach or touch wild birds, especially any that appear ill or dead. Birds with the disease may be lethargic, have discharge at the nose and mouth, or have ruffled feathers.

Individuals can report sick or dead birds online at bit.ly/sickwildbirds or by calling 360-902-2200, pressing 4, and leaving a voicemail.

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