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Awards Felicitates Women Entrepreneurs Breaking Barriers

The biggest awards for women entrepreneurship Digital Women Awards celebrated its 8th edition in Gurgaon on 16th November. The awards are focused on talent, entrepreneurship, innovation and creation by and among women who are building businesses using the internet. 2022 spotlight is ‘STORM THE NORM’ and we felicitated women entrepreneurs who have been building businesses and breaking the stereotype one at a time.

SheThePeople’s Digital Women Awards presented by Google, empowered by Axis Bank and Colors, supported by Associate sponsors Tanishq. Here is a list of all the Digital Women Awards 2022 Winners in the 7 categories.


Mallika Tomar, Revamp

Revamp crafts strategies for Marketing teams, including Digital, Advertising, Communications and Creative. Tomar has also won India 5000 Women Achievers Award, Foxclues India Prime Award.

Prinal Goyal, PG Digital Solution

PG Digital Solution is an advertising and marketing agency providing online and outdoor marketing solutions.

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Anushka Iyer, Wiggles

WIggles is a pet care brand founded in 2018. With her endeavor, she wants to build a better & healthier ecosystem for pets & their people.

Rachna Gujral, Skylish Pet Care

Gujral’s pet care brand Offers handmade dog treats and snacks delivered in Pan India.

Roma Datta Chobey, Senior Director – Digital First Businesses, Google India


Suhani Shah, Artist

Shah is a Content Creator and a mentalist by profession.

Khushboo Saraf, Lattooland

Saraf’s Lattooland creates sensory play kits for children 1-8 years old, focusing on the demands of new-age parents.

Sabista Khan, The Cinderella Story

The Cinderella Story creates size and shape-inclusive footwear and caters to both affordable and luxury fashion.

Pankhuri Bindal, braintastic

Braintastic is an IIM-B Cohort start-up founded by Pankhuri Bindal. They provide a comprehensive course on Right Brain Education.

Aditi Khattar, The Greenish Affair

Khattar’s Green Affair works to design urban gardens, which aim to provide calm space in urban homes with an endeavor to spread sustainability.

Bisma Shaikh, The Speaking Mommy

The speaking mommy provides online language consultation and Parent guidance programmes. Shaikh is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist.

Prachi Bhatia, Chokhat

Chokhat is a designer and affordable home decor providing services to Indian middle-class families.

Niyati Handa, Niyati Handa Music

Handa is a singer, songwriter and composer who has been featured on leading streaming platforms and music TV channels.

Sarah Sham, Essajees Atelier

Essajees Atelier is a luxury designer firm established in 2014.

Meghna Dave, HealthQRihab

They are a digital community for people with movement related disorders and provide them with online solutions. They also offer offline physiotherapy services.

Panel Discussion on Core Equality at Workplace


Ritu Rathee Taneja, Flying Beast

Taneja is a popular content creator who runs a couple and family vlogging channel along with her husband, Gaurav Taneja. She is a pilot by profession.

Vaishali Sudan Sharma, The Champa Tree

The Champa Tree is a Parenting blog which has emerged as a safe place where parents can expect answers to all their questions. Vaishali is a mother and a communication consultant.

Nagma Mirajkar

Nagma is a Lifestyle & fashion content creator.

Niyati Sharma, Fauji Mom

Niyati is a stay home mom who became a cartoonist, illustrator and writer.

Supriyya Nnagpal

Supriyya creates content related to fashion, fitness and lifestyle.


Surabhi Talwar, Happy Jars

The E-commerce platform, Happy Jars, the look is a Health food company which started in 2016. It employs a nutrition-first approach. Talwar has over 15 years of experience building FMCG, Fashion and Lifestyle brands in India and global markets.

Minali Agarwal, PepPlay

Pep Play, an educational toys initiative, is owned by Areya Packaging Pvt Ltd, which is part of the 30-year-old BIC Group. Agarwal’s journey with PepPlay started when she left behind her 11-year-long corporate career to do something more meaningful.

Sana Moiz, Eduspark Toys

Eduspark Toys ensures appropriate toys from 12 months up to 5 years. These simple and organic toys educate and spark a child’s playful and creative side.

Nikita Deshpande, ilana. shop

A beauty brand started in 2018 which creates products from naturally derived ingredients.

Prasanthy G, Daughter Earth

A natural skincare brand which uses biochemistry and ancient ayurveda for their formulas.

Keynote: Rajiv Anand, Deputy MD, Axis Bank

Keynote: Rajiv Anand, Deputy MD, Axis Bank


Vidya Sethi, Maikai clothing

Maikai is the creator of the world’s first cotton sports bra.

Aishwarya Dua, Sassiest

A sexual wellness and pleasure brand empowering urban women and the LGBTQI+ community to embrace, discover, explore and re-explore their bodies with confidence, comfort and never-ending self-love.

Kripa Jalan, Burger to Beast

Burger to Beast is a digital deep health clinic that provides redesigned nutrition counseling. Jalan is a Non-Diet Nutritionist

Shilpi Datta Som, Many Frocks

Many Frocks & was started with a vision to provide hand-crafted apparel and accessories for kids by economically and socially backward women. Som’s ecommerce brand has used 90,000 meters of waste fabrics till date.

Shreya Prakash, Flexibees

Flexibees help women find flexible work opportunities after a career break.

Why women are redefining the market

Why women are redefining the market


Shalini N.Kedia Fragile X Society India

Founded in 2003, Shalini Kedia helps families affected by the genetic condition Fragile X Syndrome which can cause intellectual disability and autism.

Pawni Khandelwal, Aatm Nirbhar Women’s Association ANWA

ANWA is Mathura’s first and only active association of Mathura’s women’s business founded on Women’s Day 2018, with the vision to create an ecosystem that encourages and guides women to be self-reliant. ANWA is connecting aspiring female entrepreneurs to business opportunities and helping existing businesswomen to fully capitalize on their resources.

Chitra Mathi Thadathil

Dimensions provide evidence-based practices in pediatric intervention. Chitra Mathi Thadathil is the founder and director of Dimensions and a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist.

Susmitha Singh, DIGISAFE India

They are cyber safety educators and deal with Issues like video game addiction, social media trends, negative online relationships, child predators, scams and frauds.


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