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Bachelor Jed McIntosh’s disturbing Facebook posts resurface

One of the three new Bachelors has been forced to issue a statement after disturbing Facebook posts from his past surfaced online.

One of Ten’s new Bachelors says he’s “shocked” by resurfaced Facebook posts he made as a teen that spoke disturbingly of rape and other predatory behaviour.

New Bach Jed McIntosh told The Daily Telegraph in a statement that he didn’t “have any recollection of making” the offensive posts, which are from 2011, when the reality TV hopeful was just 14 years old.

McIntosh was one of three men unveiled by Ten on Monday for the new-look Bachelor, expected to air on the network later this year.

Felix Von Hofe and Thomas Malucelli will also compete alongside McIntosh on the show, which is this year being filmed on the Gold Coast.

But almost as soon as the trio were revealed, disturbing screenshots of McIntosh’s past Facebook posts began circulating on Twitter, according to So Dramatic.

“Lets go into battle and smash some p***y,” he wrote in one post, penned in November 2011.

Another of the partially-censored posts, which first surfaced on Twitter, read: “To everyone who entered [redacted] … [friend] and myself are gonna rape yas so watch out because there’s a storm coming kids.”

Speaking to The Telegraph, McIntosh said he had the “utmost respect for women.”

“As a kid we say things not understanding the gravity of the language used but I can adamantly say as an adult I do not agree with the use of language and sentiment of the posts,” he said.

you have big bachelor announcement this week was met with a mixed reaction, with some fans of the franchise taking to social media to complain about the new picks.

Leading the pack of unimpressed voices was radio host and former bachelor contestant, Abbie Chatfield, who pointed out the lack of diversity. “My question is: Why is there not one person of colour? I’m hoping at least one of (the bachelors) is bisexual, I don’t know.

“Why are they all white? And why is there a 25-year-old? What’s going on here? Ella it’s too young, ”she complained during her Hit Network show, Hot Nights With Abbie, on Monday night.

The other major takeaway from dozens of fans was the uncanny resemblance between Jed McIntosh and US music star Machine Gun Kelly, who’s been dominating headlines in recent months thanks to his endless red carpet PDAs with fiancee Megan Fox.


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