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It looks like the weather will play along with the annual Christmas bird census in White Rock / Surrey / Langley on Sunday January 2nd, with the current cold snap expected to end by then.

But even if things get worse, the year count continues.

Mike Klotz, one of the organizers, said the count “will go on, rain, sleet, snow or ice”.

“It is entirely possible to observe the warmth of a vehicle as an option to walk around when there are concerns about the likelihood of bad weather,” advised Klotz.

“Walking around is still the best way to get the best count, but we understand.”

Counting birds on home feeders is also perfectly acceptable, he added.

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Klotz said there was also “the other little problem of something called COVID”.

This means there will be no face-to-face meetings before or after the census and vehicle sharing should be limited to immediate relatives.

“Of course, family groups are fine, but I would recommend separate vehicles if you are bird watching together, or full face masks with vaccination status.”

Instead of the usual post-tally meeting, a zoom meeting takes place.

The counting area has been divided into nine parts.

The participants meet at 7:30 a.m. in the place designated for their area and split into teams in the hope of covering the entire area from 8:00 a.m.

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The Christmas bird counts began in 1900 when a group of concerned natural historians believed that it was better to count live birds than to try to shoot as many as possible in one day.

The census is an early winter bird census by the National Audubon Society, conducted with the help of more than 70,000 volunteers in Canada, the United States, and many other countries in the Western Hemisphere.

The information gathered from attendees over the past century is one of only two large pools of data on how the birds of America have evolved over time.

In 1962, the first census was taken in the Surrey Parish with 17 observers.

For more information or to take part in this year’s census, contact Gareth Pugh at 604-649-1027 or email

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