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Barbra Streisand cloned the dog she ‘mourned over like it was a child’ | Movies | Entertainment

Today, the legendary Barbra Streisand turns 80-years-old, on April 24, 2022. The Oscar-winning actress has made a name for herself both on the big screen and in the recording booth, but while the performer has great depth artistically, she also has a lot of love in her personal life.

One of the biggest parts of her life has been her pets. The American star doted on her 14-year-old Coton du Tulear dog Samantha until 2016 when the worst happened: Samantha died.

Barbra was devastated by the death of her dog Samantha – who she described had an “oddball personality”. The Send In The Clowns singer went through 18 months of sorrow at the time, and described the mourning period as if “Samantha were a child”.

Thankfully, she has never truly experienced the loss of a child. Instead, she has one son, Jason Gould, who is currently 55-years-old.

After she dried her tears over Samantha, she decided to do something about this newfound hole in her life. Barbra bought three new dogs. Two of them are clones of Samantha.

Barbra first bought Miss Fanny, a “distant cousin” of Samantha, who she named after her Oscar-winning character Fanny Brice from the 1968 movie Funny Girl.

The star also reared two more pups from Samantha’s DNA. She named the new dogs Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet, after the color of the ribbons around their necks which tell them apart.

Barbra said: “Two of the dogs are made from Sammie. They’re her DNA. They took a cell from the inside of Sammie’s cheek and another from the outside of her tummy right before she died. You don’t know if you’ re going to get five dogs or none – I ended up with two.”

Despite having spent approximately $100,000 to clone Samantha, Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet are not exactly like her.

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It isn’t a surprise Barbra went to great lengths to bring her dog back in some form. She said of her original pooch Samantha: “It’s unconditional love, love in sickness and health, curly or straight.” She also added that she identified with Samantha “intensely” and was bereft when she eventually passed.

Since cloning Samantha and buying Miss Fanny, the star has gathered even more animals, including another white pup named Remy.

Barbra recently celebrated the fifth birthday of Remy on her Instagram account.

She wrote: “Happy 5th birthday to our adorable little rescue Remy.”

She also showed off Miss Fanny hanging out with her grandchild Chapel.


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