Behind the scenes of bird photography in the jungle with great tips

Bird photography is tremendously difficult, as is photographing in a jungle. It follows that photographing birds in a jungle requires great skill and patience. Watch as two experienced nature photographers go through recent shots and share some tips and mistakes to avoid.

My first time shooting birds properly and my first time shooting in a jungle were the same shoots and I learned a lot. There is so much wisdom to be passed on by veterans of the niche and you will still make a plethora of mistakes. I’m far from being a bird photographer so I’ll leave those tips to Jan Wegener and Glenn Bartley, but I have experience shooting in test conditions.

Photographing in extreme heat and high humidity brings with it a number of difficulties. I thought my biggest problem would be lens fogging, but if you’re careful it’s not a problem. What was the biggest problem for me is mentioned in this video: light. The midday sun is brutal for bird photography and if you can’t find shade in the canopy you’re in for a tough time. Dappled light and widely varying exposures required in small spaces rarely produce pleasing, balanced images.

This video offers some excellent wisdom and actionable tips for any bird photographer, as well as anyone shooting in a jungle for the first time.

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