Bengal cat found outside Worcester home to undergo surgery at MSPCA-Angell this week

An exotic Bengal cat found outside a Worcester home late last month will undergo surgery at MSPCA-Angell in Boston this week to treat injuries to her pelvis.

The yet-unnamed cat was brought in by the resident who found her in the early hours of April 25. She was in shock and unable to walk and was put on medication to help with pain.

“Our staff immediately knew the cat had some kind of problem with her hind legs,” said MSPCA-Angell Shelter Operations Coordinator Corinne Bourgoin. “They later discovered that she has a pelvic fracture that also created a destabilization of the hip joint and will require surgery.”

Staff determined that the cat is most likely less than one year old.

The breed, which originates from the paring of a domestic cat with an Asian leopard cat, is relatively rare in shelters. The MSPCA has received fewer than 40 Bengal cats across its network in the last five years.

Bengal cats are known for the circles and other markings on their coats which resemble those of leopards. Most are brown or silver, but the one found in Worcester has a unique orange and gold coloration.

She is expected to undergo a femoral head ostectomy this week, which will remove the head and neck of the femur to create a false joint and eventually allow her to move without pain.

“The Bengal is on strict cage rest to allow some of the pelvic fractures to start healing, but despite this she’s very cuddly and lovable,” Bourgoin said. “When she’s fully recovered, we expect she’ll be very high-energy.”

The surgery is expected to cost up to $4,500. Donations can be made to offset the cost at

The MSPCA is looking for name suggestions for the Bengal, which can be submitted on the agency’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter pages.

She will be available for adoption at the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center after her surgery and initial recovery. Interested adopters can apply at

“Bengals are usually very active and need lots of interactive play every day, but it’s hard to know what her personality will be like until she’s healed,” Bourgoin said. “We’re looking for an adopter who has experience with exotic cats that can help her maintain a very low activity level while she fully recovers and take her to follow-up vet appointments.”

The MSPCA previously rescued an injured serval, another type of exotic cat, that was found in Lincoln in January. The serval, named “Bruno,” found his forever home at a Minnesota wildlife sanctuary.

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