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‘Big cat’ with ‘leopard print’ markings spotted prowling outside McDonald’s

A ‘big cat’ was spotted taking a stroll outside a McDonald’s restaurant, leaving staff and diners stunned.

The sandy, fawn-coloured feline, estimated three times the size of a domestic cat, appeared at the hedges just outside the driveway next to the fast-food chain in Doncaster, South York.

Jon Middleton, who took the video on Monday, January 31, said he did a double-take on the huge beast while he was in the queue for the drive-thru order.

In his clip, the 4ft long cat prowls around the bushes and sniffs for food as it walks past the cars.

Its coat shows a “leopard print” markings and its tail bears a distinctive striped pattern.

Jon spotted the big cat prowling outside a McDonald’s Drive-thru

“Everyone who saw it was absolutely stunned,” Jon said.

“It was very muscular and very cautious in the way it was moving around, like it wasn’t used to being near to people.”

The 40-year-old was convinced that the animal was out searching for food, adding: “It had very large paws, leopard print markings on its back half and a very distinctive striped tail and also longer hairs on the top of its ears.

The animal had distinctive pattern on its body and it's estimated to be 4ft long
The animal had distinctive pattern on its body and it’s estimated to be 4ft long

“It wasn’t behaving like a domestic animal at all.

“If I had a small dog or things like chickens or rabbits, I’d be worried about having that prowling around my garden because it could do some serious damage to smaller animals.”

Jon reported the sighting to Doncaster Council, the RSPCA, and South Yorkshire Police, who have launched a probe.

It is the latest in a string of bizarre big cat sightings in the Doncaster area.

In August last year, a dog walker reported seeing a beast prowling in fields near Thorne.

McDonald's diners were stunned to see the animal coming so close to search for food
McDonald’s diners were stunned to see the animal coming so close to search for food

Another reported seeing a ‘big black cat’ while driving off the M18 onto the M180 near to Thorne Golf Course.

And earlier last year, footage emerged of a mystery animal in fields near Armthorpe.

The clip showed a large, black animal stealthily moving through fields on the outskirts of the village in February.

In 2019, mum Jessica Clark spotted a huge 5ft black cat in fields near the town’s Keepmoat Stadium.

She said at the time: “When I realized what I’d seen, I just started panicking. He was massive and very muscular and definitely a big cat. It was quite frightening to see something like that up close,”

In January 2017, Alan Tomlinson said he had seen a ‘panther’ near junction one of the M180.

Later the same year, trucker Graham Byram said he saw a trio of highways workers struggling to lift a huge dead animal into the back of a truck on the A1 near Harworth.

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