Big-hearted rescue dog from Tunbridge Wells wears nappies

A rescue dog with medical problems since birth is soon to have surgery which should free her from taking medication three times a day, regular infections and having to wear nappies.

Big-hearted Jazz lives in Capel, in the borough of Tunbridge Wells, with Kathy Davenport, who fostered her as an eight-week-old.

Kathy works for a dog and cat charity and fostering dogs, mainly puppies, is part of her job.

Jazz loves nurturing the new arrivals and brings her toys to their feet to play with.

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But Jazz’s life is held back by being urine incontinent and her owner Kathy wants her to be able to “be the sunshine she is” without the restrictions caused by her condition.

Kathy launched a GoFundMe crowdfunder for £2,500 so Jazz can have surgery and have a better quality of life. On Sunday afternoon, there was only £350 needed to reach target.

The specialists already know Jazz’s medical and surgical history and are “raring to go” to hopefully put her nappy days behind her.

Kathy told Kent Live she took on Jazz initially as a foster case but she now has a home for life with her dedicated owner who described her as “one in a million”.

Jazz has to wear nappies because she is urine incontinent and although surgery at six months old to correct ectopic ureters was successful, she remained incontinent.

And even though medication brought it down to a level that she could go to a new home, the fact she needs medication three times a day with specific criteria, and needs regular toilet breaks and nappies when indoors, made it hard to find her a forever home.

When Jazz was a pupper – the rescue Retriever needs surgery so she can ditch the medication and nappies

Jazz’s nurturing and instinctive nature means she is a huge help with the new intakes, many of whom are “really nervous” and some not used to even living in a home environment and being part of a family.

Kathy told Kent Live Jazz knows when to be “super calm” but also can spot the right time to be playful, and will rush off to get her toys to share with the new dogs, said Kathy with a laugh.

“She just reads other dogs really well. She loves having them around. I foster dogs. We have three of our own but generally have one on the go!

“It can vary, but we tend to take in young dogs. We live in the countryside so it is nice and quiet. We can help with socialization and act as an intermediary home,” Kathy told us.

“Jazz is two-and-a-half but she still acts like a puppy!” said Kathy, 31.

She said the surgery actually costs £4,000 but donations have been made.

“We are very grateful,” said Kathy, who said the operation will be carried out by specialists in soft tissue at Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital in Bristol.

Some album pictures of Jazz enjoying her duties of being a positive and reassuring influence on the new dogs who come to Kathy Davenport's home in Capel in Tunbridge Wells
Some album pictures of Jazz enjoying her duties of being a positive and reassuring influence on the new dogs who come to Kathy Davenport’s home in Capel in Tunbridge Wells

She said the incontinence had become worse in the past year and Jazz had repeated bouts of urinary tract infections which meant frequent periods of taking antibiotics, which she was concerned could affect her health.

She told Kent Live the surgery was not just about Jazz not having to wear the nappies: “This surgery will help the mechanical problem and will be solving the medicinal problem, so she will not need to be dependent on the medicines.”

Kathy said Jazz was immediately insured when they adopted her but “due to this being a problem from birth it is not covered”.


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