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Bird found shot through neck with crossbow in unexplained attack

A water bird was found with a crossbow bolt stuck in its neck after a sickening attack.

Members of an animal rescue group were alerted to Newsham Park Lake after a member of the public reported the attack on a coot, a type of water fowl. Roxanne Owings and Poppy May, two members of Merseyside Bird Rescue & Advice were first dispatched earlier this week to rescue the animal which was at risk of death from infection or blood loss.

Roxanne and Poppy were initially unsuccessful, as the bird did not want to be captured. It was on Wednesday, after the group gathered their resources, including a rubber dinghy, that they returned and managed to save the injured bird.

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Paul Bray, one of the group’s organizers who was present at the rescue, told the ECHO: “It’d obviously been shot. The angle of it looked like it’d been shot from above. Chances are someone shot it from the bridge or the embankment, because of the angle.

The rescued coot, called Cupid by those who saved it, with the crossbow bolt stuck in its neck.

“It’s not a nice thought to know that someone’s walking around Liverpool shooting things with a crossbow. What we were trying to do is corral it down to one end of the pond because where the end of the pond is has a lot of algae which slows it down.

“What we’d been doing before involved a couple of us were getting into the water and trying to catch it, but it was getting through the gap and flying away. Then when it was flying away it was heading to areas where other coots had It happened quite a lot so we had to back off a little bit.

“Just before we managed to catch it, it was attacked, been attacked by another coot and went underwater and disappeared for about four-and-a-half minutes. When it eventually came back up before it disappeared again. Then finally when it came back up it was right behind where we were with the net so we managed to catch it.

“It was not in a great way. Because it’d tried to hide underwater so many times it was literally drowning. Once we got it out of the water Poppy did CPR on it and managed to empty the water from its lungs.”

Who shot the animal, and how long ago it was shot, are both still unanswered questions.

A spokesperson from the Liverpool City Council said: “We are saddened to hear about this incident. If people notice a sick or injured bird they can report it to the RSPB.”


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