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Bird of prey Jester that escaped from London Zoo ‘not a threat to dogs’


bird of prey is still on the loose after flying off from London Zoo nine days ago as keepers work round the clock to coax her home.

The Crested Caracara called Jester has a 4ft wing span and is a variety of US falcon.

Jester had been sighted in South Ealing and Richmond after winging it away from the zoo in Regent’s Park.

Zoo keepers have now traced the bird to Barnes Common where they are on a stake out in the hope of cornering her.

A dog walker who spotted Jester 11 miles from the zoo on the common on Wednesday said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it looking down from the trees.”

Zookeepers want to coax Jester into a travel crate using her favorite food quail and crickets.

She escaped by flying off over Regent’s Park during training last Tuesday after and is being missed by her brother Joker, zookeepers said.

The Caracaras walk on the ground searching for prey but pose no threat to people or dogs, according to experts.

ZSL London Zoo said: “On Tuesday 15 March, a crested caracara named Jester flew away from London ZSL during routine flight training and is currently enjoying the scenic surroundings of Barnes Common. Zookeepers are trying to coax her home using food rewards and trained behaviors.

“We are not concerned about Jester’s welfare, as Caracaras are well equipped for surviving in an urban environment. Caracaras are small birds of prey and pose no threat to people or dogs. Rather like a crow or magpie, they are primarily scavengers, eating carrion, insects or and grubs or food in bins.”

The zoo warned people not to feed Jester as she needs a nutritional diet.

It added: “The team will continue to try to encourage Jester into her travel crate so they can bring her back home where her brother, Joker, is waiting for her – alongside a celebratory homecoming meal of her favorite quail and crickets.”

In 1965, a male golden eagle called Goldie fled the zoo for 12 days before being caught.


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