Birds “lined up and mowed down” by 4WD on Bribie Island Beach

Thirteen birds were “lined up and mowed down” by four-wheel drive on a beach on Bribie Island, according to the Department of Environment and Science.

The department said the incident occurred on Wednesday, May 5, in which 11 crested terns were found dead and two more injured, south of the third lagoon on Ocean Beach on the east side of the island.

The scene at Ocean Beach on the east side of Bribie Island.

Crested terns form schools along the coastal areas of Queensland and their main source of food is small fish, which they catch by diving upside down in the water and uprooting their prey.

“Rangers believe the birds were deliberately attacked by someone who drove too fast in a four-wheel drive vehicle, basically lined up and mowed them,” said Mike Devery, DES compliance officer.

“Unfortunately, the two injured birds had to be euthanized in a humane way, and the ministry is asking for public assistance in identifying the person responsible.

A close up of the dead crested tern.

A close up of the dead crested tern.

“We want to hear from everyone who, on the morning of the 5th

“The penalty for willfully injuring or killing this number of Great Crested Terns is a substantial fine or imprisonment.”

Mr Devery said a sizable population of Great Crested Terns lived on Bribie Island.

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