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Birds stole from Lodi pet store

Police are investigating after they say two birds were stolen right out of their cages from a Lodi pets store.

The theft at NJ Exotic Pets was all caught on camera.

Store manager Megan Petracca says three people were seen taking the birds which are a type of small parrot.

The surveillance video shows one man using what appears to be a shirt to grab one of the birds from its cage and then put it into a bag held by the woman next to him.

A few moments later, he does it again with another bird.

The three then leave the store.

Petracca says the birds need special care and could be in danger.

“We were growing them up, hand raising them in the store, they are still on hand-fed formula. It’s why we are very worried about them and that’s why we want them returned safely to us so we can continue raising them and give them a forever home, not shoved into a bag and who knows what’s going on with them,” Petracca says.

The store says it’s offering a cash reward for the safe return of the birds.

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