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Birds welcome back visitors | Bendigo Advertiser

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LONELY birds in the Bendigo Botanic Gardens are enjoying the company of visitors to their aviary. The birds have endured intermittent lockdowns in the past two years due to the need for social distancing within their enclosure. Horticulturalist Lonain Burnett, who tends to the birds, said they had cheered up significantly since people began to visit again late last year. “I’ve worked with the birds for about seven years,” he said. “They love human interaction and they were lonely.” Mr Burnett said the birds expressed their melancholy by flocking to him for attention when their aviary was closed to the public. “They used to come up and stay close by for longer. Presley the king parrot is always very happy to see people. He doesn’t want to be touched, he just wants companionship.” Mr Burnett said there were about 25 birds in the enclosure including Australian parrots and exotic guineafowl and they consumed about 20 kgs of bird seed each week.


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