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Brian’s beautiful birds raise €2,000 for Ukrainian appeal

It’s remarkable what can be achieved when a small community works together, and when you throw some splendid birds of prey into the mix, well the sky really is the limit, and it can take wings!

residents of the secluded estate of Stameen off the Dublin Road managed to raise an incredible €2,000 for the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal recently, when one of their neighbors suggested bringing along some of his amazing pets for show and tell.

Brian McCann runs Newgrange Falconry, and when he wanted to do his bit for the conflict in Ukraine, knew an afternoon with his birds of prey would be just the ticket.

“Watching the news, I wanted to do something to raise funds for those poor people in Ukraine and the refugees leaving, and I know that if I offered my birds, people would want to come and see them,” explains Brian. “So I just got on to the residents association and they were brilliant; they straight away put the word out and with the weather so good on Saturday, we had a great crowd.”

In fact, there was nearly someone from each of the 200 houses in the estate, and young and old marveled at the magnificent birds he brought.

“I had my golden eagles Boru and Sky, which were uniquely bred in captivity here in Ireland, as well as falcons and hawks,” explains Brian. “Everyone was impressed with them, but the kids really loved the owls – there’s Tiny, he’s a character, Sindy the Eagle Owl, Toffee the Tawny Owl, Casper the Snowy Owl and Bow who is a European Owl, the largest in the world.”

Guy O’Brien Lynch is chair of the Residents’ Association and said they were all very grateful to Brian for his generosity, as well as all those who donated.

“It really was a tremendous success and everyone enjoyed themselves out on the green for two hours,” said Guy. “And to raise €2,000 for the Red Cross was the icing on the cake.”

Brian said he would love to think some local businesses could sponsor a few more fundraising days, perhaps for other estates in the town.

“I would be willing to give my time if some of the local companies could sponsor the day,” he said. “I’d love if we could bring the birds to Ballsgrove or Moneymore, so people could see the birds, and we could raise more money.”

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Brian on

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