Bride criticized after not inviting her stepfather who paid for the wedding

A bride-to-be finds herself in an awkward situation weeks before her big day after failing to invite her own stepfather, who paid for everything.

A bride-to-be finds herself in a very awkward situation just weeks before her big day, after her two brothers refuse to attend if their stepfather is present.

The 25-year-old woman and her 30-year-old brothers had a difficult time when their parents divorced and when their mother remarried, the brothers wanted nothing to do with her husband. Sun reports.

However, the bride-to-be lived with her mom and her husband and during that time they established a good relationship.

The bride-to-be took to the AITA Reddit forum to explain her story.

She said: “My stepdad did what he could to help me with school and everything, he even offered to finance my wedding which is five weeks from now and I’m so grateful for that even though this was his decision.

“I sent Dean and Kevin invites, but once they found out our stepdad was going to be there, they said they might not be coming.

“They took some time to think and then they gave me an ultimatum saying that if our stepfather comes, they won’t come.

“I literally freaked out because I definitely want my brothers to be at my wedding and I tried to talk to them but they were being stubborn.”

The bride-to-be discussed the matter with her fiancé and came to the conclusion that she had no choice but to “politely disinvite” her stepfather.

So he decided to break the news to her by email.

She continued, “Later I got a call from my mom yelling at me, calling me mean things saying I was acting like an ungrateful bitch by excluding her husband from the wedding after everything he had done for me.

“I told him that my brothers threatened me not to come which pushed me to make this difficult decision because if it were up to me I would have them all there.

“She cursed me for prioritizing my hateful and ruthless brothers over my stepfather and showing him that I am not worthy of her grace, which was really very painful for me to hear.”

The woman then wondered if she had made the wrong decision by siding with her siblings and not inviting her stepfather.

A whopping 2,500 Reddit users took to the comments to express how they felt about the situation and it’s safe to say they thought the woman was wrong for not inviting the stepdad.

One person said: “Your stepdad obviously cares about you and is PAYING for your wedding. He is by no means the problem here. Your brothers are being childish and they’re the ones you can’t get along with to be there at their sister’s wedding without being petulant babies about it.”

Another added: “You should invite your stepdad back and let your brothers know they are still welcome but if they don’t come it’s their own fault.”

A third commented: “Unless there is more to this than meets the eye, it seems they have no legitimate reason for not liking your stepdad other than the fact that he is not your real father. He’s been good to you, and I’m not surprised your mother is furious. I can’t imagine the pain your stepfather must be feeling right now.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.


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