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Call the Midwife stars tease their season 11 relationship

Call the midwife Stars Olly Rix and Helen George have teased that their characters Matthew Aylward and Trixie Franklin will grow closer in the upcoming season 11.

Matthew was featured in season 10, when his wife Fiona gave birth at the Lady Emily Clinic. Sadly, Fiona died shortly after she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

After Fiona’s death, Trixie and Matthew struck up a friendship as the nurse was there to help Matthew through his grief, but the stars have now shared that their characters will be seen “getting closer” as season 11 returns to screens.

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“We’re getting closer, yeah. It’s going well,” Helen said. Digital spy and other press recently, before jokingly adding, “It’s still here.”

“I’m here today. So I’ve done enough for this series,” Olly added. “Wait and see.”

When asked about how Matthew and Trixie’s relationship evolves in the upcoming series, Olly noted that it was a slow and organic development, while Helen added that “there are so many obstacles” the couple must overcome before they can be together.

“And also because there is so much … the nature of the relationship, with the death of his wife, too,” Helen explained. “It’s such a deeply emotional situation, that it’s not just: ‘Are you going to get together or not?’

Helen George as Trixie in Call the Midwife Season 11

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“There are so many obstacles to overcome. It’s a friendship, really, and a support network, it becomes, for both of us, before it turns into something romantic. I think it takes a long time … I think it’s one of those. things that everyone else may see around them before they see them themselves.

“I think it’s definitely a relationship, a friendship that develops on the basis of the truth, because she was there and she was there for his wife when she died. And I think there is a connection because of that,” he continued.

“There is a discovery for both of them because of that profound moment they shared.”

olly rix as matthew in call the midwife season 11

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However, even with the slow building of the relationship, it seems that fans can still expect to see the character share a kiss in new episodes, even if filming during COVID made the scenes a bit more difficult for the actors themselves.

When asked how filming during the pandemic changed things. Helen joked that they “became masters at kissing through Perspex.”

“A man comes in with some spray and a cloth to wipe the window, and wipes the grill after every shot,” he continued, noting that it took “a few” shots for the scene to be correct.

“It takes a while,” Olly added, before Helen continued, “And it was so mechanical. Do we turn our heads to the left? Or do we turn our cheek a little? It’s just awful. Very embarrassing.”

Call the midwife returns Sunday January 2 at 8pm on BBC One.

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