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Calls to catch Dartford thug who punched cat in horrific attack

The owner of cat which was punched in the face is calling for police to pursue an investigation into the attack.

Meghan Goode spoke of her outrage after the assault, which happened outside her home in Cranford Road, Dartford.

The horrific moment the cat was punched in the face by a teen

Video footage from her neighbour’s doorbell camera shows three teenagers passing her 13-year-old cat, Lorcan, as she sat on a wall at the front of the property at around 6.40pm, on Wednesday March 9, before one of them lashes out.

Lorcan, a short-haired black and white cat, was left psychologically damaged by what her owner described as an “unprovoked and disgusting attack”, but police dropped the case due to the fact the cat didn’t sustain physical injuries.

Owner Meghan, 27, was angered by the decision, but says officers have since asked to review the video footage.

She said: “Lorcan is a well known cat in the area often going over to Fairfield pool for attention or simply sunning herself on mine or my neighbors bins. We often have passers by tell us how calm and beautiful she is with others.

“To see this attack on your cat is absolutely disgusting. As a family we feel sick having to watch this footage, we can’t quite understand why someone would do this to an innocent animal.”

Lorcan wouldn’t leave the house for a week after being randomly attacked. Image supplied by Meghan Goode

Although Lorcan ran off after being punched, Meghan managed to find her with help of neighbours, but she said the cat hid, shaking underneath her dining table, in the aftermath of the incident. It took the cat a week to venture outside again, but she has not gone beyond the limits of the garden since.

“This incident was reported to the police straight away,” she added. “Unfortunately they have emailed me to say they have closed the case due to lack of evidence which is extremely disappointing to us.”

Meghan believes the culprits ran down Cranford Road and towards Dartford’s Central Park after the incident.

And she is still hoping someone knows something that could help a renewed investigation.

She added: “This has been shared over 100 times on social media as a family we’re hoping at least someone can recognize these culprits so this crime can never happen to anyone else’s family pet.”

A statement from Kent Police said: “There were no visible injuries to the cat and no reasonable lines of inquiry in terms of identification so at present no further inquiries will be carried out. Should any new information come to light then officers can investigate accordingly. “


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