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Carla Abellana asks for identity of guy who kicked dog, warns pet owners about ‘negative reinforcement’

Actress Carla Abellana got appalled upon seeing a video of a dog being kicked by an unidentified man.

Abellana shared the video on her Instagram page yesterday, April 13, hoping that someone will help identify the guy who caused harm on the helpless dog. She also reposted a PAWS report.

In the video, a woman can be heard screaming at the man, “Hoy kuya, kuya! Bakit mo tinatadyakan ‘yang aso?! Naka-record ka!” (Hey, brother, brother! Why are you kicking the dog?! You are on record.”)

The man, after looking up to where the voice was coming from, turned and walked away.

“PAWS REQUESTING INFORMATION THAT MAY LEAD TO THE IDENTITY OF THIS MAN KICKING A DOG. The video below was taken shortly before [9 a.m.] today at the walk way in front of Maybank Theater in [Bonifacio Global City]. Please message us if you have information on the name or address of this person. Or email us at [email protected],” Abellana stated.

She also gives tips on how to prevent someone from harming dogs.

“To all those having their dogs trained, please do not agree to leave your dogs with trainers who promise to ‘fix’ your dog’s behavior and then give them back to you after a few days or weeks,” she said, noting that “so many of these trainers use negative reinforcement.”

“We have received numerous reports of dogs suffering permanent physical injuries after being trained. Today, we have received a video of a person – suspected to be a dog ‘trainer’ – kicking and hurting a dog in BGC,” she said.

To prevent such cruelty and other incidents of animal abuse, she is asking netizens who are witnesses to help “file criminal cases against these animal offenders by submitting a draft affidavit about what you have witnessed to [email protected]”

Carla Abellana with her dog Wing. Image: Instagram/@carlaangeline

“Dog training and dog breeding is generally still unregulated in our country. Please keep your dogs safe,” she appealed.

Abellana also stated other ways on how to protect dogs, such as checking on the permits of the trainers, to keep tabs on and be watchful of the training of their pets, and not to leave dogs with trainers whose records are not transparent, among others .

“Speak up for voiceless animals and stop animal cruelty by helping us file cases vs animal offenders,” Abellana said. J.B.


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