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Cat Finding Owner’s Secret Pet Cam Leaves Internet in Stitches

Footage of a confused cat discovering his owner is spying on him with a pet cam has gone viral, thanks to the feline’s hilarious reaction.

Whether it’s interrupting Zoom calls, watching you while you sleep, or not letting you go to the bathroom alone, any cat owner will tell you there is no such thing as personal space. But, it turns out, when the shoe is on the other paw, our feline friends can’t handle it.

Just ask Beans, who was not impressed to find the cat camera his owner had hidden in their home during his daily cat-tivities.

Redditor gigglebush88 posted the footage of Beans’ reaction to discovering they were being watched to subreddit r/aww, along with the caption: “Looks like my cat Beans found the pet cam I set up to spy on him from work.”

Beans the cat had the shock of his life when discovering his owner’s hidden pet cam. A concerned cat crouches down to take a closer look.
Nina Дроздова/Getty Images

Upon first discovering the pet camera, Beans initial reaction was to sniff it, before staring at it confusingly. When the camera started to follow his every move, Beans’ reaction changed from confusion to shock, and he responded in the typical cat way—batting it with his paw.

Once he was done testing the camera’s limits, Beans appeared to have had enough of his new toy and wandered out of frame to go about this day.

Fellow Redditors were just as amused as Beans’ owner, with the video racking up over 15,000 upvotes in just a few hours. His attempt to slap the camera was particularly popular, with RageTiger commenting: “That’s what I was waiting for, the massive swat. Human needs to find better spot to hide camera now. HA.”

While u/baisme90 said: “Cats holding up their paws ready to swat at something is my favorite thing in the world.”

Other Redditors suggested that Beans was actually a star in the making and should consider a career as a “Mew Tuber.”

Flar71 joked: “He looks like a streamer trying to adjust his camera.”

Another user wrote: “The way he nudges the camera like ‘hey back to me’.”

Flaytus said: “‘Hey y’all if you like My content just a reminder to like and subscribe and if you want to support what I do please consider donating to my Purtreon.'”

Beans lives in Iowa with gigglebush88, whose real name is Bryant. He says Beans is a naturally curious cat, so it was only a matter of time before he found the pet cam: “I had just gotten the camera a few days ago so I didn’t really know what he did when I was away and was curious as to how he kept busy.

“At first, he was probably just wondering what it was since the camera was new and it was the first time he’d been alone around it since I’d bought and installed it. But after it started moving and following him, he probably didn’t know what to think.”

Bryant knew Beans and his antics were adorable, but still didn’t expect for the video to get such a positive reaction.

They explained: “I figured I might as well post it Reddit and expected a few upvotes here and there but definitely not the turn out it ended up getting.”

It turns out pet cameras have more benefits than just being able to see your cat—you can also talk to them. A pet camera helped this couple to calm their anxious kitty to sleep from a distance, after his strict bedtime routine was interrupted by a trip out of town.

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