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Cat gives another cat a massage in hilarious viral video

There’s no better way to relax than with a deep tissue massage, and it seems a pair of cats on TikTok feel the same way.

In the footage, shared on the app by an account called Petassembly, a tabby cat can be seen leaning over another feline lying on its back with its eyes closed.

The standing cat then massages the other with its paws in circular motions over the animal’s body – ultimate relaxation!

The clip, which has gone viral with a staggering 19 million views, is made all the funnier by the animal’s intense expression as it works on its four-legged friend.

The adorable video is captioned: “#cutecat #catsoftiktok #pets.”

Since the footage was posted on the chat site on September 30, 2021, it has garnered a lot of attention, having garnered over 4.1 million likes and 228,300 shares.

Additionally, many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the cute pictures.

TikTok user Hailey wrote: “What if the other cat is dead and trying to play murder by being cute.”

Another person, Yoboijr12, added, “I thought the cat was moonwalking the other cat at first!!!”

Leila Iman Mohammed typed: “The sleeping cat is like: It’s a free massage.”

Your cutie said, “I want this kind of relationship.”

Seher Asif remarked, “Happy woman, happy life.”

Lliamkampeska commented: “It’s me when I have to massage my mother [laughing-face emoji].”

Potatochipsloth joked, “Welcome to the spa, what can I get you?”

Fauna Shannacappo gushed: “I’m so in love it’s so cute.”

Another video of two cats recently went viral online, this time because the two animals were fighting in the dullest way.

In the clip, which was shared on TikTok by a Vanessa Cowan, a redhead and a black cat can be seen sitting opposite each other on a carpet.

Without a hint of malice, the couple pat each other gently, as if they were bored of everything. The funny video is captioned “Tappy tap tap tap”.

Additionally, a clip of a kitten slapping a man’s hand repeatedly garnered 39.1 million views on the app, thanks to the animal’s very quick attack.

Posted by Chleo.kittycat, we can see an adorable white cat standing on a wooden staircase.

A man’s hand reaches out to the animal and, quick as lightning, the kitten extends its front paw and begins to clap the hand repeatedly.

The video made many TikToks due to the fluffy kitten’s “creepy” behavior and howls as it runs wild.

A stock image of two cats. On TikTok, a feline was filmed receiving a massage from the other.

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