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Cat obsessed with cars demands to be taken for drives

Meet Mika, the strange cat who absolutely loves car rides (Picture: Tony Kershaw/SWNS)

Many cat-owners will know the struggle of getting their cat into the car – whether it’s for a holiday or a trip to the vet.

They refuse to get in their carry case. They cry. They cower.

That’s not the case for Mika the tabby cat, however, who absolutely loves to go for a drive – so much so that he demands to join any trips so he can stick his head out of the window.

Tahira Sarwar, 47, bought the two-year-old cat when he was a kitten, and discovered his love of car journeys after a couple of journeys to the vet.

Tahira, a sales assistant, said: ‘I say Mika is like half-cat, half-dog – he’s extraordinary.

‘He hears when we pick up the car keys and he’s chasing you out the door to come too.

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Mika the 2 year old cat that loves to go out on car rides.

He’s a fan of sitting on the dashboard… (Picture: Tony Kershaw / SWNS)

‘I don’t know what it is about the car but he just loves it so he can watch out the window – if we ever go somewhere without him, he runs down the road after the car.

‘It’s not just sitting in the seat. He loves sitting on the dashboard, the bonnet and even the roof of the car if we drive really slowly.’

Mika’s love of a drive has made him a bit of a local celeb in Crouch End, north London, where neighbors often peeping out to watch the kitty jumping inside the vehicle.

Mika the 2 year old cat that loves to go out on car rides.

…and even riding on the bonnet (Picture: Tony Kershaw/SWNS)

Tahira, who lives with husband Shamir and their four children, says their pet was never trained to do this – he just absolutely adores feeling the wind in his fur as he shoves his head out of the window.

‘People watch him and laugh – and they’re always coming up to me telling me he’s amazing,’ said Tahira.

‘He’s not cuddly and doesn’t show love like a normal cat – but he’s like a safari cat that loves going on adventures.’

Tahira Sawar with Mika the 2 year old cat that loves to go out on car rides.

Mika often hops into neighbours’ vehicles to try to hitch a trip (Picture: Tony Kershaw/SWNS)

Tahira says that, seconds after catching the sound of the car keys jangle, the cat is by the door waiting to get driven around.

She said: ‘If we can’t take Mika somewhere with us, he chases the car down the road.

‘It’s not just us – I’ve had neighbors telling me the second they’ve opened their car door, Mika jumps inside to go with them.

‘He just loves everything about the car and gets all excited.

‘He’s a very special cat.’

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