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Cat owners say these decorations completely banish litter tray smells

Each pack comes with two deodorizing pendants (Picture: MoodifyPet)

While we all love having our pets around the house, the smells they create are far less cute.

Cat litter trays in particular can emit a strong odour, even if you’re diligent about scooping and cleaning right after they use it.

If you’re tired of getting that faint whiff of ammonia and hoping guests don’t think your home smells, there is a solution.

Moodify Pet make pendants that can be hung above or near a litter tray – and they’re a huge hit with cat lovers.

The discreet and safe decorations are made of clay, with a unique malodour control solution based on patented ‘White Scent’ technology.

The equivalent of white noise (just for your nose not your ears), it’s a compound of a number of fragrances. This White Scent effectively cancels out surrounding smells, without the need for overbearing air fresheners that merely mask them.

Each pendant has a light tropical fragrance that gets to work as soon as you take it out of the package, lasting for around two weeks until it needs to be replaced.

Moodify Pet Cat Odor Eliminator

Simply hang one up and it gets to work instantly (Picture: MoodifyPet)

A pack contains two of these hang-up odor eaters, plus you can sign up for a subscription to have them delivered to your door.

Eco-conscious pet owners don’t need to worry either, as Moodify pendants can be recycled.

With a five-star average rating from hundreds of reviews, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the seemingly nondescript product.

‘I don’t know how it works, but it does,’ said one customer. ‘Air freshener smells worse but these little discs are great!’

Another wrote: ‘I was really skeptical at first but this product is absolutely amazing! I have three cats and the smell has completely disappeared, highly recommend this product for all cat parents.’

Some even suggested using them as shoe cupboard fresheners or Christmas tree decorations, such was their commitment to the Moodify’s powers.

Apparently they’re best kept at nose height, though, neutralizing smells and keeping you and your beloved pet happy.

Buy a pack of two Cat Litter Box Eliminators for £19.90 from MoodifyPet.

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