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Catwoman & Black Cat Cosplay Unites DC’s and Marvel’s Greatest Thieves

In a new cosplay, DC’s Catwoman and Marvel’s Black Cat team up, bringing the best thieves in their respective universes together.

In both the Marvel Comics and DC Comics universe, two antiheroes with cat-related personas, black cat and catwoman, are among the greatest thieves. In a new cosplay from @meshellwaffleo and @cosplaycounselor, the feline heroines come to life in two of their most iconic looks. The image features both characters post-heist, as they’ve gotten their hands on some jewels and some cash, showing a crossover that would be so much fun to see in the comics.

Catwoman and Black Cat share many similarities but started decades apart in the comics. Selina Kyle, created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, first debuted in 1940’s Batman #1, where she’s gone from an adversary of the Dark Knight to his one true love. Meanwhile, Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat, created by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard, made her debut in 1979’s The Amazing Spider-Man #194. Despite both characters having cat-related names, being love interests of major heroes, and being among the greatest thieves in their respective DC Comics and Marvel Comics stories, Catwoman and Black Cat’s similarities don’t seem intentional. Both have carved out important roles and are fan-favorite characters – evident by the numerous cosplays that have brought them to life.


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On her Instagram account, @meshellwaffleo shared her cosplay rendition of Black Cat, while fellow cosplayer @cosplaycounselor showed off her Catwoman ensemble. The Black Cat look brings one of the antihero’s most classic looks to life as she wears her leather suit, with white fur around the neck, a black eye mask, and white thigh-high boots. The Marvel Comics heroine poses while holding a pearl necklace she’s taken from her latest heist. Meanwhile, @cosplaycounselor brings the DC Comics thief to life with a look ripped straight out of Batman: The Animated Series. Catwoman’s gray catsuit, with her yellow belt, black boots and long gloves, and iconic mask, looks fantastic.

The Black Cat and Catwoman cosplays make readers hope one day that Marvel and DC Comics will decide to do another crossover that features the two antiheroes meeting and discussing their similarities. Given their personalities, it seems likely they’d not only be extreme competitors and possibly good friends. Surely, at the very least, they would each other’s hustle about being a thief.

Who knows? Maybe one day the thieves will team up. However, until an unlikely new Marvel and DC Comics crossover happens, cosplays, like the excellent one above, are the best readers will get to see black cat and catwoman interacting.

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Source: @meshellwaffleo – Instagram

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