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Chelsea manager Tuchel rejects Lukaku’s claim that he changed the club’s system

Thomas Tuchel has rejected suggestions that the Chelsea system has changed in the wake of Romelu Lukaku’s sharp interview about life inside Stamford Bridge.

The German has unexpectedly found himself in the crosshairs of his star off-season purchase from Inter after the attacker professed his frustrations with life in West London in a week-long interview that just came to light.

The central focus of the forward’s criticism was a change in his coach’s tactical approach, but speaking in the wake of his player’s words, Tuchel has dismissed the idea that he has overhauled his setup.

What has been said?

“What I read is that he said we change a system,” said the German. “If you put a little work into our systems, you won’t find many, if any, system changes. So, end of discussion. “

Tuchel further acknowledged that the length of time between Lukaku’s original interview and its publication has contributed to muddying the waters.

“This is exactly the problem that we have because you have a date from another party in another direction and he says that he had a talk with me, and then the suggestion comes and it seems that the talk was about how he was not happy how.” We use it, ”he added.

Tuchel expands discussions on costumes

Pressed further on his approach, the German continued to reflect on the process of addressing concerns internally, adding: “But maybe that wasn’t the chat and we have conversations with a lot of players, how we want them to be in position, where should it be when. we arrive at certain spaces.

“This is an absolutely supernormal talk and we have it with Romelu. Now we have a discussion where it looks like he was on the bench and we benched him because other players were better suited to our style of play.

“Romelu played when he arrived, then he got injured, then he caught Covid. It doesn’t improve it, but that’s my situation. He gave an interview, so maybe he has a problem, so he needs to speak. I do not have one “.

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