Chiara Passari criticizes Nick Kyrgios’ new relationship with Costeen Hatzi

Nick Kyrgios’ ex-girlfriend has given the tennis star another chance when she showed off their new relationship on social media for the first time.

Nick Kyrgios’ ex-girlfriend was enraged when the Australian tennis star went “Instagram official” with his new girlfriend.

Kyrgios posted a photo with his new partner Costeen Hatzi on Thursday, captioning it: “I am blessed. This is the new year and an opportunity for all of us to do well. “

Hatzi also posted a photo of the couple on his own Instagram profile and shared the photo of Kyrgios.

But Chiara Passari, who dated Kyrgios before their nasty breakup earlier this year, doesn’t have high hopes for the new woman in the life of the world’s No. 93.

As reported by theDaily mailPassari told the publication that Kyrgios was pursuing a new relationship after their split because “he’s afraid of being alone” and suggested that he stopped texting her “about feelings” a few weeks ago.

“This girl has no idea what to expect,” Passari said.

“Exactly the same things happened to me. He moves forward (quickly) because he is too afraid to be alone. “

It was confirmed that Kyrgios and Hatzi, who Daily mail Reports of college graduates this year with a degree in psychological sciences were an item when they were recently photographed leaving Sydney’s well-known Totti’s Italian restaurant in Bondi. The couple shared a kiss before heading back to the hotel together.

Earlier this month, Passari spoke about her tumultuous 18-month relationship with Kyrgios, describing her behavior as “manipulative.”

After returning from abroad in October, Kyrgios and Passari were put in separate rooms at their quarantine hotel when South Australian police were alerted to a verbal argument between them.

It came after Passari shared a picture of Kyrgios in bed with a “naked girl” on Instagram and accused him of cheating on her.

Passari and the tennis star began dating in mid-2020, just three months after Kyrgios parted ways with Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya. Passari has since claimed that the 26-year-old “bombarded her with love” in the early stages of their relationship.

“I was bombarded with love for the first three months,” she said. The Daily Telegraph.

Passari also described Kyrgios as “manipulative” and said he was looking for cracks in their relationship “to use against me”.

Passari said she had received very little negative feedback from people after publicly sharing details of her relationship issues with Kyrgios on social media.

“Surprisingly, not from social media,” he said. “Of course, a message here and there saying that I am… doing everything to get attention and fans.

“Other than that, people really felt the situation.

“Why would I want to be paid attention to from a story that makes me look weak and walked all over the place while I kept forgiving him and going backwards? It is not to attract attention, it is to raise awareness ”.

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