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Chris Hemsworth reveals brother Liam almost got cast as Thor

The legendary Australian actor has revealed he almost missed out on the role of Thor to a fellow A-list star he knows extremely well.

Chris Hemsworth has revealed he nearly missed out on the role as Thor to none other than his younger brother, Liam.

The Australian actor, 38, scored the dream role for Marvel’s first Thor film in 2011, marking just the beginning of his blockbuster journey as the character and skyrocketing him to global superstardom.

But the Byron Bay local said his first audition some 12 years ago “sucked”, and that it was Liam, 32, who made it to the final stages instead.

“My little brother almost got cast as Thor. I have [Liam] was one of the first people who got right down to the wire on getting the part,” the father-of-three told MensXP.

Chris further divulged on almost missing out on the part in a chat with Wired’s Autocomplete Interview segment, adding Liam got a callback and he didn’t.

“My younger brother auditioned, he got close, down to the last five people, and then [he] didn’t get it. And They were like, ‘Look, he’s great, but he’s a bit young.’ My manager then said, ‘Well, he does have an older brother,’ which was me,” Chris said.

“I came back in, re-audited a few times and just had a different attitude. Maybe I had a little more sort of motivation that my little brother got a look in and I hadn’t.

“I also had done a couple of films in between those two auditions, so I had a bit more experience and confidence in what I was going to do.”

Chris was an unknown actor when he nabbed the role of a lifetime as the God of Thunder, reportedly receiving a pay check of just $218,000 for the debut film.

Fast forward a decade and, according to Varietyhe pocketed $36 million for his most recent outing in this year’s Thor: Love and Thunder, and is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

Things didn’t work out too badly for Liam though.

He quickly went on to score a lead role in The Hunger Games in 2012, starring in four hugely-successful films opposite Jennifer Lawrence.


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