Chris Hemsworth Trolls Brother Liam in Hilarious 32nd Birthday Instagram Post

Australian actor and Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth has shamelessly roasted his younger brother Liam on social media for his 32nd birthday.

On Instagram, Chris posted a shirtless photo of his brother with the caption, “Happy birthday @liamhemsworth, I hope this is the year you finally get fit and take care of yourself,” adding crying, laughing, and muscle-flexing emojis. .

In the video above, Chris Hemsworth’s serenity spoiled by the noisy tradition.

“To help you with your transformation, I’m giving you a 10% discount on a membership to @centrfit #familydiscount I love you,” she wrote.

In addition to the photo of Liam looking very muscular, Chris also shared photos of his brother giving the thumbs up while sitting next to a cake, looking like a very cute little boy.

“Imagine being so out of shape, embarrassing,” one fan joked.

“This must be true brotherly love,” wrote another.

Chris Hemsworth posted this photo of Liam on his Instagram account, joking that he needed to improve his physical condition. Credit: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth

But Liam seemed unfazed by the jokes, taking to his own Instagram account to thank his birthday well-wishers with a video taken at, you guessed it, a gym.

“Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! I love you all!” he wrote.

But the video from the gym was followed by Liam looking very excited at the prospect of gobbling down two large birthday cakes and a handful of donuts.

“These cakes that were also sent to me should really help me on my health and fitness journey!” she wrote.

“Cheer up friends!”

Liam Hemsworth getting ready to eat cake.
Liam Hemsworth getting ready to eat cake. Credit: Instagram/Liam Hemsworth

Many other celebrities took to Liam’s Instagram account to wish the actor a happy day.

“Happy Birthday mate!” fellow actor Taron Egerton wrote.

“Happy birthday legend,” added Bear Grylls.

Other stars sending well wishes included fellow Australian actor Dan McPherson and Kate Ritchie, Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne and Olympic surfer Owen Wright.

Liam and Chris Hemsworth together on the red carpet.
Liam and Chris Hemsworth together on the red carpet. Credit: Getty

Chris and Liam are famous for regularly joking around on social media.

In a recent Instagram post, Chris shared a photo of him and Liam face to face with the caption, “Always great to interact with my fans.”

“I met this young man recently, he reminded me of my younger self,” he joked.

“Not in appearance, but in a true entrepreneurial attitude.

“He insisted on the resemblance and I assured him that no one else looked like this.

“It was great meeting you Leon, good luck in the future.”


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