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Christchurch residents’ plea to council as their street is covered in bird droppings

“The council have said it’s not their problem and now proceed to ignore us.”

Hughes says when they bought the house they expected the trees that form a part of the council’s character overlay in the area would be well maintained and managed which would have prevented the starlings from roosting in such high numbers.

The council has answered their complaints about branches falling during high winds with the trees now being surveyed.

“They’ve done the bare minimum,” Hughes says. “We really love the trees but they’ve been severely neglected since the earthquakes and continue to cause problems.”

She says the council hasn’t sampled the droppings or monitored the air to see if it is hazardous to public health, but simply told them it’s what they should “expect” living on a tree-lined avenue.

The Christchurch City Council has been approached for comment.

Dudley Street is due to form a part of the new cycleway into the city from New Brighton, but Hughes says she can’t imagine anyone wanting to ride their bikes down the street.

“They’d effectively be riding the gauntlet,” she says.

But for now the Hughes family has had to resort to “old wives tales” to keep the birds away. They have tried banging pans with spoons at the times they come to roost, putting a fake owl on their house and their neighbors have a bird-shaped kite they fly above their house.

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