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Coffee, Cookies and Cats: Leesburg’s First Cat Café Opens Friday

Cat and coffee lovers of Leesburg rejoice—the town’s first cat café is scheduled to hold a grand opening Friday, April 1.

Catty Corner Café is the passion project of Leesburg resident and cat lover Heather Donahue, whose entrepreneurial spark was fanned when she visited the cat lounge in Sterling, Meows Corner. But her love for cats reaches back much farther than that.

As a child, she said her family always had cats, like pure-bred Himalayans. But she said those kinds of pure-bred cats cost a lot and can come with health and attitude problems.

“Then I started fostering, and I just recognized right away that these cats are really special, because they are so grateful,” Donahue said. Fostering for the Humane Society soon turned into adopting, and when she decided to open the cat café, she reached out to the Humane Society to provide the cats. That helps out the Loudoun Humane Society, which relies on fostering to take care of the animals it takes in. And all the cats that guests will meet at Catty Corner are ready for adoption.


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