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David keane

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Paddy Corkery (left) on Master McShee: “I wasn’t arrogant or disrespectful to anyone else, but I really loved them in Limerick”

David keane

By Brian Sheerin

Paddy Corkery defied the odds by snaring the Faugheen Novice Chase in Limerick with Master McShee, one of the few horses the trainer has in his custody, and a tilt at the Dublin Racing Festival could be next.

Neither Corkery nor his jockey Ian Power had enjoyed top-level success before Master McShee’s big day in Limerick and, while the trainer keeps a lid on the celebrations, he hopes for more big race riches with his horse. of his life in Leopardstown in February.

The fact that Master McShee has burst blood vessels in the past might deter Corkery from traveling to Cheltenham, but nothing has been ruled out or ruled out, with the coach still allowing Limerick’s triumph to sink in.

“Horses are a passion for me” – Paddy Corkery delighted after his first win in grade 1

He said: “The fact that he’s bursting blood vessels runs through my head. If there’s something good going for him at the Dublin Racing Festival, we’ll take a look, but I don’t want to. be tough on him Because he’s a beautiful horse I mean a kid would ride him at home He’s such a beautiful horse.

“I’m not ruling out Cheltenham, but he needs a little bit of space between his races and I would be afraid he would break out at Cheltenham. We’re going to take a look at the Dublin Racing Festival first and take things right. in hand from there. We’re still getting over Limerick and we’re going to sit down and make a plan in the next few days. “

David keane

“title =” Master McShee about to face leader Farouk D’Alene in the Faugheen Novice Chase “class =” js-imageLoader “data-at-xn =” images / news / 2021/12/26/102613-medium.jpeg “data-br-n =” “data-br -m =” “data-br-w =” https: //www.rp /images/news/2021/12/26/102613-large.jpeg “data-br-xw =” 102613-large. jpeg “onclick =” return false; “>
Master McShee set to tackle leader Farouk D'Alene in the Faugheen Novice Chase

Master McShee set to tackle leader Farouk D’Alene in the Faugheen Novice Chase

David keane

Corkery revealed he knew Master McShee was in the shape of his life before fighting to beat Farouk D’Alene with a short header and went to Limerick quietly confident of landing a shock.

He explained, “I worked it on last week and said ‘wow, this horse is in some form or another.’ I’m still working it against the clock but didn’t need to watch it. “clock this time. I knew he was in the shape of his life. The signs were there. I wasn’t arrogant or disrespectful to anyone other than myself. Really loved him in Limerick.”

“I came home and had three horses to bring back from the field. I let Master McShee take a walk and did my homework for the evening before going for a few pints. I’m not too high with these things. I’m cheerful about life and would always see it on the bright side. “

Large sums were offered and refused for Master McShee last season and, as is often the case, Corkery looked foolish for turning down those jaw-dropping numbers when his pride and joy burst blood vessels as he did so. ‘he was seventh behind Appreciate It in grade 1 Chanelle Pharma. Novice Hurdle at the Dublin Racing Festival.

“I had no reason to kidnap Ian”

Eyebrows also rose when Corkery stuck with little-known runner Ian Power, but such foresight was well and truly justified in Limerick.

He said: “A little luck takes you far and look where it got us in Limerick. A lot of guys thought we were crazy not to sell the horse last year. They also thought I was crazy about it. ‘Host Ian a Grade 1. But, in my opinion, Ian made no mistakes on the horse. I never promised Ian anything but he never did anything wrong so I had no reason to do it. ‘Remove. It’s that easy really.

“Limerick was a fantastic feeling and it was obviously a huge achievement,” Corkery added. “I actually had the privilege of being part of the race, let alone winning it. But what I’m saying is I won’t be too high and I won’t be too low. don’t come home in the same shape you went for a run, well, this sport is not for you. The highs are too high and the lows are too low and, if you take one or the other too seriously, you will not last long.

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