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Coweta firefighters reunite lost bird with owner

Photo courtesy Ann Marie Barboza

Karma, left, perches on Bartholomew Cauthen’s phone.

A lost cockatiel named Karma was reunited with her owner on Tuesday after being found by Coweta County Firefighters.

Karma got out of her home on Sunday and was hanging around a tree, while her owner, Ann Marie Barboza, tried to get her to come back inside.

Barboza said Karma flew out of the house because the bird was spooked by her toddler.

“She doesn’t normally go outside,” she said. “That was the first time she’s gotten out, and we had her for four years.”

The next morning, Barboza said Karma was still in the tree, but the family had to go to work and couldn’t wait for the bird.

When everyone returned home in the evening, karma was gone.

She said she felt like it was a longshot, but Barboza made a post on Facebook to see if anyone had seen her bird.

Meanwhile, some Coweta County Fire Rescue firefighters were playing basketball at the nearby fire station.

Adrian Neri, a firefighter EMT, said Karma flew by and landed on one of the firefighter’s heads.

“We saw this bird flying with another bird chasing it,” he said. “The pet bird flew to us and started landing on people’s heads. Then we saw the ring on its leg, so we brought it inside.”

According to Neri, one of the firefighters mentioned they’d seen a post on Facebook about a lost bird. The firefighters made their own post, which was quickly seen by Barboza and her family.

Barboza said she and her family were about to eat dinner when they found out Karma had been found, but immediately shot out the door to bring Karma home.

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