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Dog Cuddles up to Cat in Heartwarming Video

Adorable footage of a dog called Sarge cuddling up to his owner’s orange cat, Conan, has prompted “awws” aplenty online—and with good reason.

It’s a widely held belief that cats and dogs share a love-hate relationship in the household. However, a study from the University of Pisa in Italy suggests this may not actually be the case.

Researchers quized 1,270 people who owned both a cat and a dog to delve into their pets’ day-to-day habits. What they found was that, more often than not, cats and dogs were perfectly capable of cohabiting in harmony with each other. In fact, some appeared to interact in a way that bordered on friendship.

Of those pet owners surveyed, 64 percent said their cats and dogs sometimes played together. Around 58 percent also said their cats and dogs slept next to each other sometimes. A further 11 percent of respondents, meanwhile, reported that their cats and dogs slept side-by-side every night.

It’s unclear whether Sarge and Conan fall into that category but if the video shared to TikTok by their owner is anything to go by, it would appear they are a tight-knit pair. The clip can be watched here.

In the video, which has amassed 2.4 million views, Conan the cat can be seen enjoying a snooze on a bed. Sarge the dog soon comes into view and, after a few moments spent getting comfy, cozies up to Conan for a cuddle.

Conan, to his credit, looks only too happy to accommodate his canine pal, tapping his paw on the duvet space in front of him. Sarge happily accepts the apparent invitation to relax, stretching himself out in front of his feline friend.

Then comes the most adorable moment with Sarge stretching his head back to meet Conan’s with the cat proceeding to dish out a few affectionate licks to his happy pooch pal.

Shared to social media under the handle thatdoggosarge, the comments section accompanying the clip has been inundated with messages from smitten pet lovers across the internet.

Bowietwombly commented: “Oh to be a small dog lying on a large soft bed, gently groomed by a loving cat” with Roisin Cassidy writing: “I’ve rewatched this about 10 time in a row. The PAW I CANNOT DEAL.”

Yeastymcrevis said: “”Come to Mama” while kikaytrekkie declared: “this made just burst into tears…but thank you very much.”

Iowachillin thought the footage was “so cute” and gizzysgurl1 wrote: “You have no idea how much I needed this.” Melodeathgirl, meanwhile, lamented: “Oh to have a dog and cat who have this kind of relationship”

Newsweek has contacted thatdoggosarge for comment.

The video comes hot on the heels of similarly cute footage showing a cat curling up on a sleeping dog. Another viral video, meanwhile, captured the blossoming cross-species friendship between a canine and his feline companion.

Then there’s this video of a cat and dog riding a mini Jeep together. Cats and dogs really can coexist and the internet is here for all of it.

Stock image of a cat and a dog cuddling – footage of two pets enjoying a snuggle together is melting hearts online.

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