Dog food made from maggots a sustainable meal deal cooked up by vet

Dogs love to eat some pretty dodgy things, so it is no surprise they are enjoying food made from maggots.

A veterinarian for the RSPCA, Stephanie Stubbe grew up on a beef farm at Splitter’s Creek outside of Albury.

She has created a dog food product made from dried fly larvae that she hoped would lead to more environmentally friendly pet food.

Vet Stephanie Stubbe hopes pet food of the future moves towards alternative protein sources.(Supplied: Anipal)

“They make a complete protein that’s much more sustainable and is also hypo-allergenic.

“Many dietary allergies in dogs are caused by red meat so this idea is about creating a healthy protein that is more sustainable.”

The larvae are harvested in laboratories in Victoria and Western Australia and have a 26-day life cycle.

“At the 13-day point, they are harvested, dried, and turned into a meal.

“It’s the same as chicken or beef meal, and looks and feels the same as the product that goes into kibble.”


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